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    Should we buy in

    I have purchased direct twice and just recently resale. The paperwork was easiest buying direct. I can't imagine what a pain buying overseas would be with paperwork, etc. Also a new purchaser sometimes can get some Disney Magic with their DVC guide (buying direct) finding their first stay...
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    Pictures in the same spot as they grow.....

    A great place to do this would be in Downtown Disney (not DS) . Winnie the Pooh is sitting on a log with room for children to sit next to. My daughter started this tradition when she was pregnant sitting next to Pooh with his rumbly in his tummly
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    What would a modern Horizons/CoP ending scene look like?

    The scenes in Carousel of Progress represent the way of life for a different century as an overall scene of modern life . The final scene is an interesting moment as the Century turns . I do not understand how many want to criticize this. I seriously doubt many of us have a kitchen as modern...
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    Marathon Sunday nightmare

    I am glad to see others find a FP handout does not equal fair compensation and yet we allow ourselves to act like it is a piece of gold. Personally I think it is insulting to our worth that Disney gives us something that costs them nothing when our vacation time on Disney property is pretty...
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    Fulton's Crab House Closing for Six Months to become Paddlefish

    I grew up in St.Louis... loved the Admiral for so many reasons. Thanks for the pic!
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    Trip Report Christmas 2016 report

    The worst is on the Jungle Boat Cruise for the entire cruise! or DL RR during the Grand Canyon Concourse with reflection on the glass. Would love to see (a mashup with Jurassic Park) dinosaurs crashing thru glass to devour offenders...
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    Trip Report Hau'oli Makahiki Hou from Disney Aulani Resort

    Happy New Year... I have just finished all 3 of your trip reports. Thank you for sharing... and the info about the Planetarium made me google directions which you are probably finding funny since driving is not an option from Alauni... and Santa did not bring me a private plane for Christmas
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    Moments where doing a character meet and greet would make you blush...

    Peter Pan was snippy with my young granddaughter when she said she did not want to have her picture taken. He had his characters stance with hands on hips and kind of said " I bet you wouldn't say that to Tink" and took off as I was starting to think "jerk" but then realized he was just being...
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    Going in end-September - help me choose

    Can't help decide with room choice but let us know (live trip report would be awesome )... I did want to mention that those credits can be used at Starbucks. They serve a lot more than just coffee and service is quick.
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    Characters in flight

    I guess it has "helped" you with planes because of familiarity and intellectually knowing what to expect. Usually CiF is "grounded" with winds and does not operate. They want it to be safer more than you do. Allow your brain to rationalize that children are onboard and Disney has not strapped...
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    10 people, 4 adults, 4 kids and 2 infants, where can we stay?

    So frustrating on behalf of hotels that "Do Not Guarantee" . Many people travel in groups and even with a nanny . Usually they try to assist with a room across hallway , etc. Good luck!
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    Petition: Bring Back Louis the Gator

    The entire time I was watching the new Universal movie Secret Life of Pets with the underground sewer critters including alligator ; thought Disney would have never released this movie....
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    Star Wars Fireworks

    Hi I hope you know about the special Live Stream Event on the disneyparksblog next Monday. They will broadcast the Hollywood Studios Star Wars galactic fireworks online. Usually they will post a notice of event and start watching for the link 5 minutes before. I assume the live stream will be...
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    10 people, 4 adults, 4 kids and 2 infants, where can we stay?

    Hi I am a DVC member and kinda looked in general at the member site for availability and points required for your specific dates. I am not a renter , just helping to answer your question. You did not mention price range but want a MK / monorail location. Wilderness Lodge has a 2 bedr sleeps 8...
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    Resolved - Help Me Decide Which Resort?

    I applaud your choice also. I think it will be more relaxing for entire family plus the feeling of a vacation splurge. With smaller children you want ease not stress... the tend to wake early so early magic mornings and then relaxation by pool or exploring. Keep it simple and you will probably...
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    Favorite Bars

    Wasn't her name ROSE?
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    Favorite Bars

    Hi Wellknown Member Dan, just noticed you changed your photo id and really like it! Just wanted to add a bar offsite at the Bonnet Beach Hilton Resort. Really relaxing to be seated alongside the LazyRiver with 2 outdoor fireplaces pits. Great service too! Top of the World Lounge is the Best on...
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    Contemporary to breakfast ADR at Poly's Kona Cafe-monorail?

    What time is your breakfast reservation? The monorail might not be running but the Disney Busses run early enough. When a bus pulls up ask them to take you to the Poly and very often they will. I usually stay at BLT and want to eat at the Kona for early breakfast and have always had luck with...
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    Fairy Godmother Among the cuts

    So they "gave" us all PhotoPass (Magic Memory?) so we can take pictures of reduced meetngreets. Don't forget to say thank you Disney. I definitely want to remember meeting missing characters that I am standing next to.
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    Monorail Blue Decal

    Has anybody ever seen a monorail car window sticker for sale? Similar to the stick family that notes mother father sister brother dog cat, etc? I recently saw one that was Star Wars design on a car window. Family of Stormtroopers driving this mini-van Just found them on Amazon... And ETSY has a...
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