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  1. yaksplat

    A sequel? Nah, not this one

    If true, that's the best news I've heard all day.
  2. yaksplat

    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    And that summed up why I dumped all of my disney stock a few weeks ago. I couldn't see any way there would be positive news. Disney used to be one of my go to stocks to hold, but not anymore. I've dumped about 1000 shares this year.
  3. yaksplat

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    I'm hoping for the same scenario as Tower of Terror to Guardians. Do it in DL and abandon it elsewhere. Variety across parks is a good thing.
  4. yaksplat

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    If that's the case, why even bother. Kill the best attraction in the park and make it into a shell of its former self, sprinkled with screens.
  5. yaksplat

    News Disney Springs Begins Phased Reopening on May 20

    The WHO is saying in general that you should not be wearing masks.
  6. yaksplat

    How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

    For my family: 4 parks and no masks.
  7. yaksplat

    News Haunted Mansion To Remain Closed For Unknown Reasons

    As long as it's up and running by August.
  8. yaksplat

    Jungle Cruise boat sinks!

    This never happened when Iger was the CEO.
  9. yaksplat

    Poll: best queue in Magic Kingdom

    Peter Pan, Pirates and Little Mermaid. The detail in each is exceptional. I always want to go to areas in the little mermaid queue that are roped off since there's never a wait.
  10. yaksplat

    How much would you pay????

    On average over a 9 day trip, the two of us will spend less than $200.
  11. yaksplat

    How much would you pay????

    Except for a meal or two at Trail's End and another the Bier Garden we just eat kid's meals so there's no interest here. I could down plenty of beer though, but on average, we don't exceed $20/day for alcohol.
  12. yaksplat

    What the heck is Dinoland U.S.A?

    But the asphalt is amazing.
  13. yaksplat

    Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom Walkway

    It's direct drive. In some of the pictures you can see the teeth on the main gear.
  14. yaksplat

    Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom Walkway

    Motors for rotating the bridge have been installed.
  15. yaksplat

    What's the max amount of time you could spend at WDW without getting bored?

    That usually kicks in around day 8 for me. My legs start hurting. We tend to hit about 9-10 miles per day.
  16. yaksplat

    News Test Track Closing for Refurbishment January 2020

    I'm always waiting for the headline that it's closing for good. It's been a sad mistake since day 1.
  17. yaksplat

    Best restaurants for a big group with kids?

    Trail's End I think it's a hidden gem. The food is always amazing and there's an unlimited supply of it. I believe it's the same as what's served at the hoop-de-doo. They were also able to give my son and I strawberry short cake that we could both eat, due to our allergies. It was amazing...
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