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  1. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Do we still have celebrations?

    We used to add information on celebrations to our reservations. Is that over? In MDE, I cannot find where to enter occasions to celebrate.
  2. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Early Admission to Parks?

    I cannot find something I read about WDW Hotel guests being admitted a half hour early to the parks. Is it policy, or speculation?
  3. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Saratoga Springs Bridge reconstruction

    Any word on when this reopens?
  4. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Ride to Vero Beach

    Is there a transportation link to the Vero Beach Resort, or do we need to rent a car?
  5. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Phishing Ads?

    I just received 2 “prizes” for taking a “survey” and giving up gobs of information. Is it just me, or is WDWMAGIC under attack?
  6. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Fountains near Journey to Imagination

    They are liquid shaped like snakes that fly over your head. VERY cool. Is it water? What holds it together?
  7. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Can I see my party’s wish lists?

    I set up DW and our children and grandchildren on MDE, with my children managing their children. Is there a way to view their wish lists from my account? Can they view ours? It would help plan our days in each park.
  8. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    APs do not mix with kids

    We bought our first APs this trip. New APs must be activated at a Guest Services office. Went to DS the first day to avoid lines in the parks. GS office had no seats left in waiting room. Wait plus process consumed almost an hour. If I had not researched this, and had grandchildren in tow...
  9. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    guest services

    We need to activate our APs, and have heard that GS at MK is a long wait. We will stay at SSR. What is the best GS to use?
  10. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Great Movie Ride revised - warning

    While this is old news, parents should be aware that the early scenes, and even the queue film are too dark for most preschoolers. If their favorites are the level of Disney Junior or Chuggington, I would keep them off of this one.
  11. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    MDE Cart Performance

    Can anyone see their cart from the top menu? Modify it after adding anything? If I select tickets or APs, they appear in the cart, but mistakes cannot be corrected. The page never finishes reloading.
  12. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Kiliminjaro Safari Jackpot!

    Jan 2015 - This is not a dream come true because I could not have dreamed of this. There is no zoom lens here, the Rhino is THAT close. I have 3 more if anyone is interested.
  13. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Guest Services Wait Times?

    We will purchase our first APs and will need to activate them at Guest Services when we arrive at MK. How long are the lines in May?
  14. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Gold Pass break even point

    If you add the advance price for Memory maker ($169) to a 6-day park hopper ($414) it equals the price of a Gold Pass. For the one member of the family that is buying MM, is there any difference?
  15. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Finally Joining...

    I have enjoyed these forums for months, so it is time to make a contribution.
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