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  1. BigTxEars

    Booking Time! 2nd Best WDW Time Of The Year!

    WooHoo just booked the Wilderness Lodge 1 bedroom for a week in Jan 2016 for our next trip. Other than going to WDW for our yearly week long visit this is my favorite time....when we get to use our points to book a room :) Never stayed at the Wilderness Lodge before, AKL last year, BW the year...
  2. BigTxEars

    What's Everyone Doing Tomorrow?

    Cause I'm flying to Disneyworld for a week at AKL :joyfull: Anybody want me to ride, eat or drink anything for them?
  3. BigTxEars

    Pre-Trip Oh It's Almost On!

    When & Where: Going for 7 nights at the end of Jan, staying at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village 2 bedroom villa using our DVC points for the first time (joined DVC in 2014) so we are pretty excited about not only the resort (never stayed there) but the 2 bedroom villa as well. Who: Me (of...
  4. BigTxEars

    Mulaney On Fox

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2753110/ Man the ideal of a stand up comic using his last name for a show about himself and his sassy female friend, kinda sleazy male friend and just plain old nutty friend living their lives together is so fresh and new! Oh wait..... o_O Poor show, trying to...
  5. BigTxEars

    Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

    Just booked this for the next trip in Jan of 2015. What I find odd is that the ADR for this is 6:20pm, Wishes does not start until 9pm that night. Seems like a long time between the two. Are we going to sit there for 2 hours and 40 mins shoving desert in our pie holes? :) For those of you who...
  6. BigTxEars

    ADRs Made :)

    Woke up at 4:45am this morning to make ADRs as soon as the online system would let me at 5am local time. Really wanted BoG! Turned out I did not need to wake up so early, BoG is still available now 6 hours latter. But oh well it was kinda fun making ADRs half awake! Sat ~ 7pm Sanaa at AK Lodge...
  7. BigTxEars

    ADRs at 180 Days?

    Quick question. Tomorrow is 180 days out for us, staying on property so we can do the 180+10 day ADRs. I know on FP+ for example you can start at 11pm Central time (midnight Florida time) the day before the 60 day mark. Is that the same on ADRs or do I have to wait until a certain time tomorrow...
  8. BigTxEars

    DTD Grub Suggestions

    Just 4 days until we can start making ADRs for our next trip :) Have a day / evening at DTD planned. We love Ragland Road and might choose that again, kinda like a tradition I guess. But I am thinking maybe Bongos this trip, never been there but it looks good. We will be bowling so maybe...
  9. BigTxEars

    Airline Price Spike?

    So I was going to book 5 tickets on Delta from Houston to MCO this morning. $328 per ticket round trip was the price at 9am this morning. I could not book as I was missing one date of birth (family friend going with us) so I planned to wait until tonight. Just check and now the exact same...
  10. BigTxEars

    Animal Kingdom 2 Bedroom

    Does anyone know the difference in room size (or anything else) between a value 2 bedroom at AK and a standard 2 bedroom at AK? I can not seem to find that info anywhere. Thanks.
  11. BigTxEars

    Mickey said no thanks

    To his ROFR on the points we wanted. Good stuff! We did not pass ROFR last time we tried a few months ago (30 pts at OKW at $75 per point) but this time we made it pass (110 points at SSR for $85 per point) so now just to finish the paper work and send in payment. This gives us a total of 210...
  12. BigTxEars

    Resort Date Of Construction

    Does anybody have a list of the dates of construction of the DVC resorts? We will be using our DVC points for the first time in Jan of next year. Our home is SSR but we want to experience the different resorts of course. Since we are having an issue deciding where to stay first I was thinking...
  13. BigTxEars

    Best Thing About Having To Get Up Early On A Saturday Morning?

    Is leaving for the airport to head to WDW for a week :D 8:50am wheels up, 3:00pm wheels down and then the DME to the BW and WDW tomorrow :cool: Bitergarden tomorrow night at 6:30pm and then Fantasmic at 10:30pm....and on from there :)
  14. BigTxEars

    Woohoo Back In Texas, Well Kinda Of!

    http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/05/19/5830858/disney-cruise-line-returns-to.html?TB_iframe=true&width=600 "Disney Cruise Line announced that it will return to Galveston for the holiday season in 2015. Starting in November 2015, Disney Cruise Line will offer a seven-night itinerary on the...
  15. BigTxEars

    Pre-Trip Seemed Like 1,000,000 Changes To The Plans!

    The trip of 1,000,000 changes I like to call this! I have never made ¼ the number of changes have made this trip on any previous WDW trip. I think 26 days out we are at last set to 100% to what we will stick with. Why all the changes? Well the 1,000,000 changes were due to 500,000 reasons it...
  16. BigTxEars

    Stupid Question.

    Our MBs will arrive this week. Do I need to link them to our Disney Expereince account where all of our FP+ and reservations are or will they already be linked? Thanks :)
  17. BigTxEars

    Used our points for the first time

    Booked our first trip using our new DVC contract tonight. SSR for a week in late Jan 2015. Only had enough points for a studio but still pretty excited. We have a non DVC trip the first week of June this year to WDW at the Boardwalk and now we have a week in Jan of 2015 planned as well. Never...
  18. BigTxEars

    Well that sucks....

    Aghhhhh! So you open a email and BAM! "Disney Vacation Development, Inc. has decided to exercise the Right of First Refusal to purchase the Ownership Interest upon the terms set forth in the real estate contract." The mouse just undercut me on my bid to buy 50 more points! Dang you...
  19. BigTxEars

    Frozen Gals On Once Upon A Time?

    How soon before we see Anna or Elsa on Once Upon A Time? I think it would be cool if done correctly. :) Now can Olaf make an appearance is the question? :cool:
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