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  1. wdwfan100

    DVC Sleeper sofa

    We just returned from a stay at Saratoga Springs. We had many issues with Disney "Magical Service" but that is a topic for another post. What I wanted to know is feed back on sleeper sofas. We had two sets of adults sleep on the sleeper sofa and both complained that it was uncomfortable. The...
  2. wdwfan100

    New Wilderness Lodge DVC

    When is constructing scheduled to start on this project? I see it's supposed to be finished by 2018.
  3. wdwfan100

    Beach Club Villas Refurb?

    Does anyone know if the BCV are scheduled for room refurbishment anytime soon? They are way overdue IMO.
  4. wdwfan100

    Grand Floridian DVC....How much???

    Has anyone heard any information on what it will cost to buy into the Grand Florifian Villas? Price per point? Minimum buy in? Etc.
  5. wdwfan100

    Osbourne Lights Question

    We just booked a trip for early December. We have never seen the actually lighting of the Osbourne lights. What time does this occur? I know that it is around dark, but is there a specific time and some sort of ceremony that takes place?
  6. wdwfan100

    party with the senses with a wheelchair

    Does anyone know how entry to party of the senses works if a member of the party is in a wheelchair?
  7. wdwfan100

    October 2011 Park Hours???

    So hear we are. Ready to make our 180 day dining reservations. However, the park hours are not out. This is kind of a key part of planning for us, so that we can optimize our time usage. Anyone know when the October park hours will be out?
  8. wdwfan100

    Top of the World Lounge

    Hi folks. We are staying at the Bay Lake tower in Sept. I was just wondering what type, if any, of food is served up there. Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. wdwfan100

    DVC Groceries

    I am aware of garden grocery. But there was another business that would go and shop at the store you wanted them to not from their own inventory. Is that business still out there? If so what is its name?
  10. wdwfan100

    Night of Joy

    Has anyone heard of dates for the night of joy event for 2010? I had read in an earlier post that it would be returning to the Magic Kingdom and we are hyped to attend. :sohappy:
  11. wdwfan100

    ESPN the Weekend...Why not this year?

    Can anyone shed some light on why ESPN the Weekend is not going to happen this year? Kind of disappointing imo.
  12. wdwfan100

    ESPN the Weekend 2010

    Does anyone know if there are firm dates for the ESPN the weekend 2010? I know they usually have it at the end of Feb. Start of March. But I have not heard anything firm yet. I would like to take my son but don't want to book a room and then find out it is on an all new weekend for 2010.
  13. wdwfan100

    How long are the walks?

    I know that there are walking paths from the BC and BW resort areas to DHS. Does any one know exactly how far it is? Also the walk from Wilderness lodge to the Fort Wilderness Campground. How far is that? Any other good walking paths at the various resorts and their distances? Thanks in...
  14. wdwfan100

    Wait Lists???

    Is there any stats on wait lists? How large is a typical wait list? What percent of people see the wait list pay off? etc, etc
  15. wdwfan100

    Food and Wine Festival

    Does any one know when a schedule of events for this years food and wine fest will come out? I am particularly interested in "the party for the senses".
  16. wdwfan100

    Finally Made it

    It started with a bid. Then an inquirey about ROFR. Then we passed ROFR. Now we have booked our first trip to a DVC. It will start with a Studio over Memorial day weekend at the beach club. Then 5 days in October for the food and wine fest. at OKW. Can't wait. Thanks to all who...
  17. wdwfan100

    MNSSHP Costumes

    For those that wear costumes to MNSSHP, do you bring them with you, or find a place locally to rent? Is there somewhere in WDW that we could rent a costume from?
  18. wdwfan100

    Hoop Dee Doo Beverages

    We have been to the Hoop Dee Doo review and loved it. This year we are taking our mothers. I remember that draft beer and sangria are included. My mother is stricly a vodka drinker. Can we purchase a bar drink if she wants one? I cant remember.
  19. wdwfan100

    Just Passed Right of Refusal

    I just got the call from our broker that Disney waived the right of refusal. So it looks like my wife and I are soon to be the proud owners in the Beach Club Villas. I am so happy right now I could scream. :sohappy::sohappy::ROFLOL::sohappy::sohappy::):) :sohappy::sohappy:
  20. wdwfan100

    DVC AP Renewal Question

    We are currently AP holders. We also have a bid on a DVC that is waiting for Disney to decide on the ROFR. If we are able to get the DVC can we renew our current AP's at the DVC renewal rate? Also, what is the cost for a DVC AP? Both a non-renewal and a renewal. Thanks in advance for the...
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