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  1. TheDuke

    News Disney Springs Begins Phased Reopening on May 20

    This is 100% more reasonable than the proposal to require a mask at all times except at a dining table. No mask outside/mask inside/all eating outside are three principles I could get behind.
  2. TheDuke

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Stand them out in the hot sun all day long without water so they can learn to tolerate dehydration and heat exhaustion. It will build character and help them prepare for what Disney World might apparently be like in the near future.
  3. TheDuke

    Masks at WDW

    Getting dehydrated, passing out, and busting my head open on the concrete is what forum legend Katiebug would cal "unmagical". So that would be a no from me.
  4. TheDuke

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I don't see how they can operate the parks requiring masks. This isn't wearing one for 20 minutes at the grocery store. They're presumably going to let you take off your mask in restaurants, so let's say someone eats lunch at noon and dinner at 7. That's 7 hours, a lot of which will be in 90ish...
  5. TheDuke

    Favorite Songs: 1960's & all the way 'til Today

    Basically the pinnacle of popular music and has one of the great music videos (or promotional clips as they were called at the time)
  6. TheDuke

    Fox properties missing on Disney+

    I was hoping older Fox classics would be on there when I did my trial but it was mainly just Disney with a few really big Fox movies like Sound of Music and Avatar
  7. TheDuke

    Best and worst Marvel and DC Film

    DC- Best- The Dark Knight Worst- Batman and Robin Marvel- Best- Iron Man Worst- Quite a menu to choose from, but I guess Infinity War
  8. TheDuke

    News Pandora path repainting

    I've been noticing that it looks brighter recently.
  9. TheDuke

    What’s your favorite new addition in the last few years? (Poll)

    Definitely Pandora. Not even an Avatar fan but it's the most beautifully themes area, especially at night, and even after all the SW stuff FOP is still the no. 1 ride.
  10. TheDuke

    VQ/BGs (Virtual Queues/Boarding Groups)... Yay or Nay? (Better alternatives?)

    If a ride is going to attract massive crowds I prefer this setup to 3+ hour waits. You an just get there early to get a group and then ride later in the day without waiting too long. Wouldn't want them doing it for a bunch of rides.
  11. TheDuke

    Opinions on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Poll)

    They can leave it as is for now although eventually when the members of Aerosmith start dying they're going to need a re-theme because that would be awkward. I have suggested retheming it to The Beatles with their animated Yellow Submarine avatars. The Beatles are just classic and not "dated"...
  12. TheDuke

    News FastPass+ comes to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Well like I said before it was/is super easy to get bonus FP's at HS with the current setup for anything except Slinky. Was just there on Saturday and ended up getting four bonus FP's for ToT, Midway Mania, and RnRC twice. After the change all the popular rides will sell out way in advance like...
  13. TheDuke

    American Adventure- no more store filled with quality, patriotic, historical merchandise

    Really liked both that store and the one in Liberty Square that is now the tourism office or whatever.
  14. TheDuke

    News FastPass+ comes to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    In addition to the FP debate the new tiering system is just a bad idea too. My brother checked and apparently now at the 30 day mark you can't get either of the tier 1's or Midway Mania, and RnRC and ToT are both only available at night. Should have at least kept Midway Mania as a tier 1, if not...
  15. TheDuke

    News FastPass+ comes to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    The average wait might stay the same, but that includes people with FP's waiting 10-15 minutes and then everyone else's wait is longer. More people won't ride the ride but people with FP's will be let ahead of people in standby even if they got in line afterward. Not sure how people behind you...
  16. TheDuke

    News FastPass+ comes to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I was liking the current set up. Millennium Falcon was usually not much more than an hour and it was pretty easy to get bonus fastpasses for RnRC and ToT in the middle of the day due to the strict tiering. One time I was repeatedly getting RnRC fps as soon as I used the last one and was just...
  17. TheDuke

    Dream WDW Character Encounters?

    Bambi and Dumbo!
  18. TheDuke

    Which attraction were you terrified of as a kid.

    Tower of Terror and Alien Encounter. Was also very afraid of the Alien room in GMR.
  19. TheDuke

    Who should voice Spaceship Earth's "Story Light" starting in 2022?

    Nothing would be better for me than the return of Jeremy Irons as the SE narrator. OP's idea for Amy Adams doing it if they're going for a serene female narrator would be good too. She could talk in a weird throaty voice like Batman to disguise it when she narrates spaceship earth. It could...
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