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  1. bigorangeandy

    The Three Caballeros tonight

    Tonight at midnight eastern time, The Three Caballeros (1944) is on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), also following that is, Walt & El Grupo (2008). I'm not staying up to watch, but the DVR is set, if anyone is interested.
  2. bigorangeandy

    Traffic delays on I-75 in Tennessee

    If you are driving down I-75 and will pass through Tennessee between Knoxville and the Kentucky state line, be advised that the Interstate is down to one lane in two different places. This is due to emergency road repairs, and delays could be up to two-three hours during peak times. Be sure that...
  3. bigorangeandy

    Iger's first move

    Here is a article from yesterdays AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) that Disney is restructing its Strategic Planning unit to give each division more authority. Decision-making process revamped for subordinates <!-- AAAD AUTHOR START -->Gary Gentile<!-- AAAD AUTHOR END --> - <!-- AAAD SOURCE...
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