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  1. Jiggsawpuzzle35

    Florida Resident Discounts

    Sorry if this has already been discussed or in the wrong forum. My kids great grand mother resides in New Port Richey. We live in California. Is she able to purchase the kids discounted Florida resident children’s tickets if she comes with us to Universal for the first day? Thank you for any...
  2. Jiggsawpuzzle35

    Angels tell Anaheim they're opting out of their lease on Angel Stadium

    The Angels opted out of their lease with the city of Anaheim on Tuesday, setting the stage for another round of negotiations over whether the team remains in their longtime host city or finds a new home elsewhere in Southern California. Angel Stadium, which opened in 1966, is the fourth-oldest...
  3. Jiggsawpuzzle35

    AMC Gardenwalk

    I don’t know if anyone uses AMC Stubs but they just sent me an email about the closing at Downtown Disney and in that same email it states they will be opening a 6 screen theatre July 1st of 2019 at the Gardenwalk. Not sure they are going to attract a large crowd to watch a movie at that...
  4. Jiggsawpuzzle35

    Florida discount for non resident.

    My kids great grandmother resides in Florida and we live in Califronia. I know she can't purchase Florida resident tickets for my wife and I, but can she purchase them for our kids? If so, does she have to accompany them into the parks everyday and will Disney allow it if we stayed at a Disney...
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