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  1. awilliams4

    4th+ FP+ Kiosk Runner

    Does anyone know if all party members (or just their magic bands) need to be present/scanned at the FP+ Kiosks for your 4th and subsequent FPs?
  2. awilliams4

    "Must Laugh At Sci-Fi Dine-I Police Officer When Stopped"

    On the back of our Sci-Fi Driver's License includes the subject on this thread on the back of the card. Is there a Sci-Fi Police Officer?
  3. awilliams4

    Club Cool Closes At 9:00 p.m.!!!

    Did a brief search and I didn't notice that this was posted yet. It seems as if Club Cool now closes at 9:00 p.m. Big news for us as we always arrive late at the parks (DVC Members that go twice a year) and I have lost track of how many times we went to Club Cool at 7:05, 7:10 p.m. etc only...
  4. awilliams4

    Is The Category 3 Seating At HDDR OK?

    Is The Category 3 Seating at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue decent? Has anyone had a bad Category 3 seating there?
  5. awilliams4

    Online Dining Reservations No Longer Allow Multiple Reservations

    I appreciate that this is now in place. I have violated this myself on occasion and am doing so again with my trip in June. Just FYI, for those with existing dual reservations in place prior to this policy being enforced, it seems those will still be in place for you. I just logged in and...
  6. awilliams4

    When Will The Sounds Of Summer 2011 Lineup Be Announced?

    Last year it was early March. Anyone know what the hold up is?
  7. awilliams4

    Original Birth Certificate Instead Of Passport/Passport Card For 3 Day Disney Cruise

    Hello. Our family does not have Passports or Passport Cards and are planning our 1st Disney Cruise. 3 Day cruise to Nassau and Castaway Cay. Since we anticipate this may be our only Cruise for quite sometime, we would like to try and save the $170 it would take for my family of (4) to get...
  8. awilliams4

    Riding In The Front Of The Monorail

    I am optimistically translating a Wikipedia suggestion that no longer riding in the front of the monorail is suspended temporarily. "Front cab riding was suspended due to the July 5th, 2009 incident out of respect for the drivers in a difficult time." Does anyone know if this is a...
  9. awilliams4

    June 2009 Wait Times

    Was at AKL (Jambo House) between 6/14-6/20. We stayed at the resort during the day and hit the parks at night. This was our 1st June trip and we were worried about the heat and crowds. It was warm but we swam or napped during the day. We went to the parks around 6:00 each night for...
  10. awilliams4

    Anyone Know TJ At The ToT?

    Hello, I don't post much but I felt compelled to as I was surprised to find no mention of TJ at the ToT when searching within WDWMagic. I have most everything WDW taped on my DVR and I have the last 7+ years of their Vacation DVDs/VHS tapes and almost every time the Tower of Terror is shown...
  11. awilliams4

    Viking Ship Play Area In Norway

    Does anyone know why the Viking Ship Play Area (the ship itself near the bathrooms) is closed? We were there between November 23rd to December 2nd and were disappointed to find it that way. I have already emailed Disney questioning this about 2 weeks ago but they have not responded. I hope...
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