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  1. yaksplat

    ID required for DVC benefits

    During my trip a few weeks ago, I used the DVC discount for any food and merch purchases that I could. But twice I was shot down, because the CM wanted to see ID, in addition to what's in the app. I don't carry a wallet while in the parks. I just have my magic band and phone. These two CM's...
  2. yaksplat

    Will the parks really be dead at the end of August?

    Every year my family heads to WDW at the end of august. Usually the trackers paint pictures of crowds in the 4-6 range with most of the country back at school. But this year, everything is coming up 1-3. Is this really feasible? Would the opening of SWL a couple days later make people delay...
  3. yaksplat

    Does anyone else forget the negatives?

    I head to WDW about once a year. The remainder of the year I lurk a lot on this site and read so many negatives here. This is broken. That's the worst it's ever been. Service is slipping.... But then when the next trip comes up, all of the stuff that I had been reading just evaporates. I...
  4. yaksplat

    Any regrets? Why shouldn't I buy in?

    I'm thinking about diving into the DVC at the Polynesian. I just stayed in a deluxe studio and absolutely loved it. Family of 5 and we go every year. Tell me why I shouldn't. I want to hear the negatives. Do you have any regrets after buying in?
  5. yaksplat

    Surprise trip treasure hunt

    We decided to surprise our kids with a trip this year and I thought I'd have some fun with it since the kids are huge Gravity falls fans. We had our neighbor drop off an envelope that was misdelivered to his house. And the hunt was on. Here's the whole letter with the 3 extra clues...
  6. yaksplat

    Tangled Area Lantern

    I'm in the process of designing a house that we're going to build next year and I've got an 800 foot driveway that I think will need some lights along the length. I had been looking at different lights around the Magic Kingdom on my last trip and I saw the ones that I think I should use. I know...
  7. yaksplat

    Any Gravity Falls fans? I made a Bill Cipher.

    My kids are big Gravity Falls fans. My son had requested a Bill Cipher for Christmas a couple months back. So I decided to have some fun with it and play with some electronics while I was at it. Without going through all of the gory details of the carving like you've seen me do elsewhere...
  8. yaksplat

    Polynesian sign carving

    Time for this year's post Disney trip carving. I was trying to find something that I could make this year for each of my sons for Christmas. This year we stayed at the Polynesian and I really liked the look of the carved signs for each building. So that's what I'll be making to go under...
  9. yaksplat

    Polynesian building recommendations?

    I've stayed at the Floridian the last couple years and this year we decided to check out the Polynesian since the pool has been finished. Does anyone have any recommendations of a building/floor that I should try to request? I'm not familiar with the resort. I've also heard that the...
  10. yaksplat

    New haunted mansion merchandise

    I'm guessing that I'm not the only one that wants to buy a bunch of the new merchandise from Memento Mori but won't be heading down to WDW anytime soon. Is there any chance that someone could post some prices and upcs of the new items that are in the store but not on disneystore.com? Ones that...
  11. yaksplat

    This is why I go to Disney

    This is my son, Vinny. Unfortunately he was born with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy. We rarely go out to dinner, and when we do, all desserts are out of the question. He always gets to see other tables getting desserts but never gets to experience it for himself. At Disney, he's safe...
  12. yaksplat

    Splash Mountain Sign (Complete)

    My son's 6th birthday is coming up and on our trip a couple of weeks ago I was looking for a good piece of art from the Song of the South or Splash Mountain. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that I liked. So I decided that instead of buying him something, I'd just make him something in...
  13. yaksplat

    What happened to Brer Roadrunner?

    I could have sworn that Brer Roadrunner was somewhere in Splash Mountain. I was at MK last week and he was nowhere to be found. It was nice to see everything working on the ride but I was surprised that he was missing. I could have sworn he was in the area near the possums.
  14. yaksplat

    Does Attractions+ Photo Pass still exist?

    I used Attractions+ last year and I was great, but all I see now is the Memory maker on the Disney site. Is it still available in the park if you want to buy it? For the $45, it was a great deal and we got a lot of great pictures out of it.
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