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    Big Hero 6 Possibly Finally About To Debut in the MCU

    So much for that idea. 🤷‍♂️ https://variety.com/2021/film/news/big-hero-6-characters-mcu-not-happening-1234913256/
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    Wilderness Lodge Reopening June 6, 2021

    I had a reservation for ASMo the day it was originally scheduled to reopen (February 9). Will Disney offer to move (maybe even upgrade) me to another resort, or am I on my own to rebook?
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    News Disney to offer discount on new MagicBand designs as an optional alternative to complimentary solid color MagicBands

    Yes they were. The site that shall not be named had a story about it, and I also saw it a few times in the magicband collectors Facebook groups I'm in. Apparently there were issues with linking the pucks to people's MDE account.
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    Do the Galaxy's Edge Magicbands make any sounds

    No, generally speaking, only limited edition bands (the ones in boxes) make effects and sounds. As of right now there are no limited edition GE bands, but one may come out at the official opening.
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    All-Star Movies Renovations

    Just got back from a stay in Herbie building 6 and it was a renovated room.
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    PizzeRizzo announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios - Was: Rumor: Pizza Planet/Mama Melrose closing?

    Oops my bad. :oops: I guess I wasn't as familiar with that area as I thought I was.
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    PizzeRizzo announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios - Was: Rumor: Pizza Planet/Mama Melrose closing?

    Looks like there's also holes cut in the wall for a beam pocket. Looks like further confirming some kind of covered patio thing.
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    When does the "Magic Experience" begin?

    I'd have to say for me it's right after I pick up my rental car from MCO, leave the airport and hit the first tollbooth on westbound Bee Line/Beach Line/528. Then I know I'm almost at Disney World. I always head right to Epcot first thing before I even go to the hotel to check-in since I usually...
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    EPCOT behind the scenes tour

    When I took that tour in either October 2007 or March 2008 (don't remember which) we went into the old Imageworks. Since I had never been up there it was pretty neat. Not really a whole lot left apparently. All I can remember still being there is the rainbow tunnel. I was a little disappointed...
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    Is there WiFi anywhere on site?

    There is definitely free wifi at Wide World of Sports. I've seen the banners on the light poles. Just outside of property, the Buffalo Wild Wings at Crossroads has free wifi as well.
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    geocaching at the world

    To the best of my knowledge, there were once seven physical geocaches in Disney World, but the last of them were pulled by Disney security in April 2005. They were located at these locations: Tom Sawyer Island, the Norway stave church, at the lake near All-Star Movies, Coronado Springs, and two...
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