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  1. everest-dude

    Swan and Dolphin

    the swan and dolphin are cheap and nice but my question is do these resorts offer EMH?
  2. everest-dude

    Time Racers and WOL pavilion

    tell me if anyone agrees or disagrees with me... do any of yall think that time racers (which to me is a cool idea as long as it doesnt ruin sse) could still be on the board for disney... and that it could maybe be put in the now defunk WOL pavillion (or they could tear it down and build a new...
  3. everest-dude

    Imageworks up stairs

    i was walking around disney and stumbled in to JII... after going through the awful ride i went into imageworks... i saw the upstairs portion (and i know what is up there) but i asked a guard what was up there to see what he would say... id like to note i also said what it used to be to the...
  4. everest-dude

    everest-dude's trip report

    ok so i spent about 6 and a half days down in central Florida and i am going to tell you what i saw while i was down there MK i spent little time here just cause it was crowded every day SGE was terrible and so was MILF both the times i went on it the games for SM were amazing but the...
  5. everest-dude

    Splash mountain soft open

    is there any chance that SM could open early... maybe like a soft opening... from the refurb it is undergoing rite now
  6. everest-dude

    Celebrate you

    where can i get the good version (not corbin bleu) of celebrate you. preferably the commercial version.
  7. everest-dude

    Test Track Losing Sponser?

    Is GM going to pool its sponsorship of Test Track
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