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  1. GenerationX

    Flying a Drone at a WDW Resort

    Son #1 has a cool drone with pretty impressive video capabilities. He'd like to take it with us to Pop, but he is unsure where on (or nearby) the resort grounds it would be permissible to fly it. He does not want it to be stolen, confiscated, or shot down. Is this possible in or around Pop?
  2. GenerationX

    The Athletic Sock Conspiracy

    A couple of months ago, my sock drawer was running low. Like any normal American, my first thought was "I need to go out and buy new socks." I don't usually buy any of the clothing in our house, but I figured I could handle plain, white athletic socks without too much controversy. So, I...
  3. GenerationX

    DLP and Other Sites in Europe: Questions

    Bonjour! Guten Tag! My family is heading to Europe for nine days in late July. There are five of us (me, my wife, and our three teenage sons). I could use some help with many aspects of the trip: 1. We're flying into Stuttgart, renting a car through Sixt, and flying back home from Paris...
  4. GenerationX

    Downloading a Thread

    Is there a way to download an entire thread?
  5. GenerationX

    To the CM(s) Who Signed the Cap I Left at Guest Services on the Fantasy

    The thread devoted to whether or not characters should sign autographs made me realize that there was one (or more) CMs that went out of their way for me. I left my plain white baseball cap with Guest Services at the start of our cruise and picked it up several days later. The CM(s) who...
  6. GenerationX

    The All Quirky, No Turkey Fantasy Cruise Report

    There are three aspects of Thanksgiving that many people don’t like: cooking, cleaning, and arguing with relatives for the umpteenth time about unresolvable issues. What if, say, a family was to remove those obstacles by setting sail on the Disney Fantasy over Thanksgiving week? Could that...
  7. GenerationX

    Mickey Mouse Poster Sells for $101,575

    One of the earliest (1928) movie posters featuring Mickey Mouse sold at auction for $101,575. A lot of money, sure, but it is a really cool collectible.
  8. GenerationX

    Blog Access

    Maybe it's just me, but whenever I click any of the Blog links, I get a blank page with about 5-10 messages similar to this: PHP Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in D:\websites\wdwmagicforum\htdocs\includes\init.php on line 55 I enjoy having my PHP...
  9. GenerationX

    Resort Upgrade PIN Code

    Just got an email from Disney Destinations. They're offering to upgrade my oldest son and I from All-Star Music to Coronado Springs for an extra $22 per night. I'm still trying to determine whether or not to do it (we have 10 days to decide). For the days we're going, the rack rate difference...
  10. GenerationX

    Whatever: A Wacky Family Trip Report :D

    Whatever! After three years of visiting the World one-on-one with my sons, it was finally time for the whole family to go together for six days o’ fun. I had recently introduced the boys to the sock puppet/punk classic song “United States of Whatever” from the short-lived MTV series “Sifl...
  11. GenerationX

    WDW March Madness: The Wacky Brackets IV – A No Hope

    Historically, the Wacky Brackets have allowed you, the brash, young, upstart poster with unrealized potential, to determine the official Mickey Mouse Issue of the Year. This year? No different. As the head lunatic in this asylum, it’s my job to guide you through the wilderness of Disney...
  12. GenerationX

    The Amazing Race 17

    It's time for another racearoundtheworld! For the first time, they'll be crossing into the Arctic Circle (Russia? Canada? Svalbard?). The preview clip showing the watermelon being shot backwards at the contestant has a very Wile E. Coyote-esque vibe to it. Gotta like that. Anyway...
  13. GenerationX

    Fall PIN Codes

    I just got an email from Disney Destinations advertising a PIN code deal for this fall. The rates are 30% off select Value resorts, 35% at Moderate resorts, and 40% at Deluxe VILLA resorts. The dates are 10/3 - 11/23 and 11/27 - 12/25. Room availability is limited, yadda yadda yadda. Anyone...
  14. GenerationX

    Mike & Dad vs. Wimps, n00bs, and Angry Guy

    Few can forget the frantic fervor of my first father-son trip, chronicled in Tom & Dad Go Commando! or the manic mirth of my misadventures with my middle son, Jack & Dad Conquer the World! This year, it was ten year old son Mike’s turn to tirelessly tour WDW with Dad. Due to budget cuts...
  15. GenerationX

    WDW March Madness: The Wacky Brackets III

    In the spirit of fanning more flames and inciting more arguments, I bring you WDW March Madness: The Wacky Brackets III (aka, the NIT). The only tournament that lets you, the average poster, determine the official Mickey Mouse Issue of the Year. You may recall (in horror) the results of the...
  16. GenerationX

    Jack & Dad Conquer the World!

    Brandishing three pin lanyards and a booty of Disney Dollars, Jack and I (your intrepid heroes) conquered WDW in three glorious, action-packed days. Some may remember the non-stop excitement of my adventure last year with my oldest son, chronicled in Tom & Dad Go Commando! This year, it was...
  17. GenerationX

    Error Uploading Photos

    I've been trying to upload photos, and I keep getting http 500 Internal Server Errors with one photo, and the following error message when I try to upload two: PHP Warning: getimagesize(d:/websites/wdwmagicphotosv5/htdocs/uploads/3568/P10100203.JPG) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open...
  18. GenerationX

    The Amazing Race: Season 14

    The next racearoundtheworld starts Sunday, February 15th! Roadblocks, detours, u-turns, idiots who forget to read the clue ... are all back! :sohappy: Here are this season's contestants. They've really cut down on the number of dating couples this season, which can only mean one thing: the...
  19. GenerationX

    Tom & Dad Go Commando!

    1 trip, 2 men, 3 days, 4 packages of moleskin. I'm a fanatical planner, but even I was unprepared for three days of commando touring led by my 13 year old son. The feet, they are still sore. The wife and I thought (well, mostly me, really, but she agreed) that it would be a great idea for...
  20. GenerationX

    Song Titles Part III - Return of the Tunes

    Picking up where the last batch of tunes left off, here is a new thread to list, link, and hum to yourself the greatest songs ever linked in a forum thread. We left off with 'Who's Behind the Door', a pseudo-intellectual song by Zebra (Zebra concert attendees: "Just play 'Tell Me What You...
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