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  1. muddyrivers

    Online WDW Recreation from the 70s?

    I saw on Facebook not too long ago this project where someone is creating an online world of what WDW was like back in the 70s. It looked like at the time only Tomorrowland was completed but plans were being made to create other lands as well. Is anyone aware of this project/game and what it...
  2. muddyrivers

    Ads Redirecting to Flash Player Update?

    Just started today but several boards and threads I have loaded have caused the page to be redirected to a full page ad with a dialog box saying I need to update Flash Player (I'm on Safari on a Mac). Figured I would bring it to staff attention to make sure someone doesn't click the malvertising...
  3. muddyrivers

    Jungle Cruise Rhino Returns

    Not sure how newsworthy this is but after a noticeable absence, I’m happy to report the rhino is back in the Jungle Cruise looking freshly painted and much newer than the other animatronics. Wasn’t expecting to see it so didn’t take any pictures. Apologies if this was already known!
  4. muddyrivers

    Epcot Center Remaining Opening Day Cast Members?

    With the 35th anniversary of EPCOT Center approaching, I had a random thought and figured someone here may be able to shed some light. Are there any cast members that worked EPCOT Center's Opening Day that continue to work in the park today? I know Debbie Johnson was (I believe) the last...
  5. muddyrivers

    David at GMR

    I THINK he was from Indianapolis? I have been on GMR tons of times in my life and no one was more enthusiastic and fit the type of person I expect to spiel at GMR than David. From the second he jumped into the car and gave the opening, I knew I was in for a treat. David sang along to Hooray for...
  6. muddyrivers


    Hey guys!! Do any of you run Linux? Just yesterday, I installed SUSE and converted from Windows. Since yesterday, I have been using SUSE 24/7. How about you guys? Any of you run LInux? If so, what distro? If not, what OS do you run?
  7. muddyrivers

    Disney Inside Out

    Does anyone have any videos of that show the show that used to be on the Disney Channel called Disney Inside Out? The hosts were JD Roth, Brianne Leary, and George Foreman.
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