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  1. MattyFresh

    Needing a Disney fix........Oct. 2015 is too far off!

    Needing a Disney fix........Oct. 2015 is too far off!
  2. MattyFresh

    Coral Reef or Tutto Italia?

    I have only been to Coral Reef, and really enjoyed it. We didn't have a table at the tank, but still had a really good view of everything that was going on. Food was pretty good, and service was excellent. We would go back without any hesitation!
  3. MattyFresh

    Cape may and Boma for dinner. Whats everbodys thoughts?

    Boma is awesome, such a great variety of different foods! They do have a "safety" section with fries and chicken fingers for picky eaters. But also have tons of other things for those who aren't afraid of branching out. Make sure to save room for dessert!!
  4. MattyFresh

    Just discovered MouseWorld Radio!- are there other stations?

    Sorcerer Radio is another good one
  5. MattyFresh

    How do I make January hurry up and get here??

    How do I make January hurry up and get here??
  6. MattyFresh

    Free dining for Jan/Feb 2013???

    I am going in early January, and yes I am hoping and have my fingers crossed for free dining! First time going at this time, usually go in October, so not even sure if its offered during the time we will be there.
  7. MattyFresh

    Best Milk Shake in WDW

    Sci Fi has been the best I have had. But I was surprised while staying at AS Movies, had a decent one at their food court!
  8. MattyFresh

    ADR help for October

    what about Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge? It is just a short boat ride from the MK.
  9. MattyFresh

    My official Cupcake Tour itinerary

    I had the elephant cupcake last October, and wow. Very good, but I couldn't finish it myself! If you love coconut and/or german chocolate, then this is perfect for you! Oh, the elephant is a white chocolate "sucker"!!
  10. MattyFresh


    I have reservations for Chef Mickey's (my sons first trip) but really considering adding Kona. I have to try the Tonga Toast!!
  11. MattyFresh

    Paying with gift card at WDW restaurants

    that is what we did on our past trip, we had a gift card and put any appetizers, drinks, or tips that were included. We didn't have a problem using it anywhere and we ate at a wide variety of places, from CS up to Flying Fish! Its a good plan, and you don't have to worry with cash or keeping...
  12. MattyFresh

    Disney Depression? Is there such thing?

    My wife always laughs at me, she goes to cure my fix and enjoys Disney but she isn't even close to my level. She can tell a change in my attitude going into the last day, she says I get really hyper and trying to squeeze every last thing in that I can. By the end of the day my mood has changed...
  13. MattyFresh

    What do you do to keep the magic real between visits?

    Frequent dTunes and Sorcerer Radio! Look at past pictures, and watch anything and everything Disney related on TV!!
  14. MattyFresh

    Music from the parks...

    Epcot entrance music!!
  15. MattyFresh

    Boma or Sanaa

    I think the part about seeing the animals has been answered. As far as which one to choose, would you rather have a buffet or a off the menu restaurant? We love Boma, have been there the past two trips and going again in January. After you stuff yourself, Zebra Domes anyone :D, you can walk...
  16. MattyFresh

    Epcot dining

    My vote would be Tangerine Cafe in Morocco. The food is amazing, and its not going to be heavy like burgers or a chicken sandwich. Plus its a great place to sit and relax and bit and people watch! If that is a bit adventurous for some of the group, then Sunshine Seasons has a very good...
  17. MattyFresh

    Flying Fish Cafe

    Ate there last October, I would trade CP and breakfast for this in a heartbeat! The food was very good, our server was good, but as some have said it tended to be a bit noisy. Plus, I am not real crazy about the decor on the inside. Granted, that doesn't take alot away from the experience, but I...
  18. MattyFresh

    January Dining Line Up

    Boma does have a section for "picky" eaters. Chicken fingers, fries, you know the stuff any and all kids will eat. So not to worried about that. Plus, I have a feeling he will not have a problem with the dessert section....:D I will make sure to take notes for V&A, very excited about that!!
  19. MattyFresh

    January Dining Line Up

    Just wanted to get opinions on the restaurants for our trip in early January. Warning, this is my 3 year old sons first trip, so it will be heavily geared towards him. Dinner at Whispering Canyon on our first night. Dinner at La Hacienda. Breakfast at Chef Mickeys Dinner at Rainforest Cafe...
  20. MattyFresh

    How Many Days for You... (Part 7)

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