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  1. MattyFresh

    January Dining Line Up

    Just wanted to get opinions on the restaurants for our trip in early January. Warning, this is my 3 year old sons first trip, so it will be heavily geared towards him. Dinner at Whispering Canyon on our first night. Dinner at La Hacienda. Breakfast at Chef Mickeys Dinner at Rainforest Cafe...
  2. MattyFresh

    Dining suggestions

    needing some help with ideas or suggestions for dining options in January. There will be 6 adults and one child, so far we have ADRs for dinner: Crystal Palace, La Hacienda, Sci Fi, Be Our Guests, Boma, and I am taking my wife to the chefs table at Victoria & Albert's for her birthday. We also...
  3. MattyFresh

    Crowd level in early January

    I was wondering how quick the crowds disappear after Christmas and New Years. We are looking at possibly arriving on the 2nd and our first day in the park might be the 3rd. Didn't know if it would still be a madhouse around that time, or if you would see a significant decrease in the amount of...
  4. MattyFresh

    Taking my son for his first trip

    Ok, so I have been to Disney many times. But this will be the first time taking my son. It has always been a tradition in my family that the first Disney trip is when you are 3. I am sure I enjoyed my first trip, however I don't really remember much. So my wife and I have been debating about...
  5. MattyFresh

    Just booked my ADRs!!!!!!

    So, today is number 180!!! Here is what I got, let me know what you guys think. Oct. 24th The Wave Oct. 25th Coral Reef Oct. 26th Flying Fish Oct. 27th La Hacienda Oct. 28th Boma Oct. 29th Kona (breakfast :slurp:, before our flight home :cry:) Everything was dinners, we will use CS...
  6. MattyFresh

    Magical Express from a different resort?

    I am finally getting to go back, and October can't get here soon enough!! I am thinking about booking breakfast at Kona for kind of a farewell to Disney. My question is, do I need to plan to get back to POR to catch ME back to MCO, or is there away for me to catch ME from Poly back to MCO...
  7. MattyFresh

    Which week would you pick

    Hey guys.....we are planning a trip to WDW in about 9 months. We are looking at two different weeks and didn't know if there was much of a difference between crowd levels the two weeks and if you would suggest one over the other. We are looking at either Oct. 22-29 or Nov. 1-7...
  8. MattyFresh

    Buying tickets from Expedia

    I have been graced with a chance to go to WDW for a long weekend in September. My mom has found some tickets through expedia that are advertising if you buy three they will give you four extra. With us only being in the parks for 3 days, does anyone know if it is possible to add the no...
  9. MattyFresh

    Free Dining Question

    So we are in the planning process of a trip to WDW.....Not sure what is going to fit into our schedule, but this question came up. If we go towards the end of free dining and the day we leave is after free dining is up, would we get free dining for the entire duration of our trip, or only while...
  10. MattyFresh

    Which Resort do you prefer and why??

    Me, my wife, and another couple are talking about taking a trip in 2011.... we aren't sure as to which resort we want to stay at. We are looking at the Moderates, they have stayed at CBR and I have stayed at Riverside when it was Dixie Landings. We are kinda torn between....well all of the...
  11. MattyFresh

    Dtunes live

    I have been trying to access the site.....but whenever I do I get a page that says Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.4-2ubuntu5.7 with Suhosin-Patch Server at www.dtuneslive.com Port 80 is anyone else having any problems?? Or...
  12. MattyFresh

    How would you use Disney music in a reception

    Ok guys, I am turning to you for some help. Friend of mine is getting married and he and his wife want to use some sort of music from Disney, either a movie or attraction during their reception. They want to use it either for the introduction of the bride and groom, cake cutting, or first...
  13. MattyFresh

    Need Help......please

    So I had the link bookmarked, but got a nasty virus and it was deleted as I had to wipe my harddrive. I was going to send my mom, for mothers day that parade where you can add her name to everything....I think I saw it on here, but can't find anything about it now. If anyone has any clue...
  14. MattyFresh

    New Disney Promo

    Has anyone checked out the latest deal Disney is running to get some more visitors??? Buy a 4 day/night package get 3 free!!! This includes tickets and a $200 gift card if used within a time period Might have to book a trip and somehow forget to check with the wife :lookaroun
  15. MattyFresh

    Just won my first Disney prize

    So I enter almost every Disney contest I ever come across and just finally won my first official Disney prize. A limited edition Disney Parks Celebration Pin. I know its not much......but hopefully its the start of something BIG!!!
  16. MattyFresh

    Make your own jack-o-lantern

    Many of you have probably found this already or seen this before. Thought it was pretty cool. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
  17. MattyFresh

    Sleeping Beauty

    Had a question....was watching the extras with the new Sleeping Beauty DVD and saw where it was still in production while Disneyland was being built. Does anyone know why Walt chose to put Sleeping Beauty castle in DL and Cinderella's in WDW?? I figured that with the success of Cinderella it...
  18. MattyFresh

    You can help make a difference

    Not sure where this should be, but if cancer has touched your life like it has mine, I wanted to get this out there and have as many people look at this and take 2 minutes out to answer a few questions and also make a contribution to a great cause. Hi Everyone, If you go to Purina cat chow's...
  19. MattyFresh

    Tickets on craigslist

    I found these today and was wondering if there is anyway to find out if the tickets are legit. I just don't understand if someone has no expiration on the tickets, why would you sale them?? http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tix/858043299.html
  20. MattyFresh

    Help with April dates

    Was just presented with a possible chance to go to Disney for about a week. I was just curious as to crowd levels and if anyone else had been during this time, and might have some advice or suggestions?? Not sure if we would be the whole time, but looking somewhere around the dates of April...
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