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  1. DisneySam

    DisneySam's Turkey Week Trip Report 11/25 thru 11/29/2009

    This year I did something that “Suzie Holiday” [me- I love the holidays and delight in making my family celebrate as much as possible during Thanksgiving and Christmas] never does…I decided this Thanksgiving I was going to Disney World. Now, despite my sadness I would not be at home to enjoy my...
  2. DisneySam

    Happy Birthday, PotteryGal!

    Happy Birthday Jenny! Hope you have a wonderful day today!
  3. DisneySam

    My Not-So-Scary Disney Vacation

    Back to Life, Back to Reality…. Whew. Well I can’t believe it’s here and gone already! But in all honesty when I think about our first day down there it feels like forever ago. Here’s my trip report [I apologize in advance for the number of times I say the word ‘Awesome’ in the...
  4. DisneySam

    Muppets in WDW from 1990

    I found this while surfing at You Tube. I have never seen it before, its 6 total clips I believe. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTnc3eXJU_Q
  5. DisneySam

    Where in the World

    Okay my WDWMAGIC buds, I have been sick for a few days now and need some smiles, so I am reviving an old thread idea, "where in the world?" It's 9:41 here and if I were at WDW I would be at the Disney Studios waiting in line for the Great Movie Ride. Where in the world are you?
  6. DisneySam

    DisneySam’s Trip Report January 26-29

    Not really any “news” to report, but I thought I would share about my trip and some photos anyway. On Thursday Jan 26 I flew direct from ol’ Kentucky to Orlando (direct! J) I used DME for both flights to and from WDW. IMHO it was pretty seamless and all the CM’s at the airport and on the busses...
  7. DisneySam

    Monorail Question

    I have a question for you experts! I am going to WDW in just a couple of weeks, how do you get to be the co-pilot and ride up front in the monorail? I would LOVE to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks! [sorry if this has been posted before]
  8. DisneySam

    Random Sci Fi Dine In Cartoon Question

    Okay this is a random question, but we were talking about the Sci Fi tonight, which is one of our favorite restaurants and we were trying to think of the name of the cartoon that plays on the screen of the professor [that has the pipe with E=MC2 and other formulas] the secratary that gets chased...
  9. DisneySam

    Update last week 8/10-17

    Good Morning All! I just returned from Disney about a week ago, and am still trying to catch up with school and work....so sorry the post has taken a while. Updates.... Everest is huge! There is no way that pictures can show how great it looks in real life. They were working mostly on the...
  10. DisneySam

    Mission Space Question

    I am getting ready to go on my trip [as you can see :) ] We are going to EPCOT for the first time and I want to ride Mission Space, but I am a little hesitant becuase of the motion sickness/ intensity factor. I ride all other rides with no problem. All you experts, please advise...
  11. DisneySam

    Pictures with the Characters

    I am making the final plans for my trip, and that includes a list of some characters I would like to have my picture with. I have always just done this whenever I can at the parks. Does anyone have any good tips/ locations? Here are a few I would like...Beauty and the Beast Characters, Peter...
  12. DisneySam

    Question for all you Photography Experts!

    Hey! I am going to purchase a new camera before my WDW vacation next month, as I actually want to take pictures this trip [I usually get too caught up doing other things and only take like 4] so my questions are... Which do you prefer...Digital or 35mm? Which cameras are great for night...
  13. DisneySam

    October Trips

    Hey everyone! I had to reschedule my trip to October (first week) can anyone give me any tips? I have never been in the fall and am curious about the crowds and shows running as scheduled. Thank you SO much!!!!
  14. DisneySam

    Tonight, The Muppets!

    I know this has been randomly posted in other places on the site, but everyone please remember to watch the Muppet Wizard of Oz tonight at 8pm on ABC. I read that if the ratings are high they are considering brining back the Muppet Show!!!! (This is not Confirmed though.)
  15. DisneySam

    WDW Gift Services

    I have read on here previously about email/ calling WDW Gift Services [may not be correct title] and ordering merchandise from WDW. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks ahead of time for the info!
  16. DisneySam

    Most Memorable Moment

    I was just posting a reply to another thread about Character Experiences, and it made me want to go one step further. What was your most memorable moment at Walt Disney World, ever? Mine was stepping out of the entrance onto Main Street USA for the first time and seeing the castle. As...
  17. DisneySam

    Happiest Celebration on Earth- Parks DVDs

    Does anyone know if the Parks DVD's include the whole show/ attractions that are listed? I was looking on the Laughing Place store and saw they had new one for the HCOE.
  18. DisneySam

    Happiest Celebration on Earth add-ons

    Since May is just around the corner, while reading about the Happiest Celebration on Earth at Disney World, I wonder what other cool stuff will happen besides the obvious, Entertainment, etc. that will appear for the celebration. Does anyone have any ideas?
  19. DisneySam

    New Pin Tradiner

    I want to start collecting/ trading pins on my next WDW trip. I have read a couple of times, that you can trade pins with CM and others in the park. Is this a normal practice? Also, any tips? The pins are a new thing for me but would like to add them to my collection. THANKS!!! :)
  20. DisneySam


    I am going to Epcot for the first time in July. What are the must-sees? I always seem to miss something I wanted to do. Any suggestions would be great! :wave:
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