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  1. MAF

    This new layout is TERRIBLE...

    What were they thinking by ruining the boards like this?!
  2. MAF

    Crush's Coaster Rumor

    I remember reading a rumor a while back that they were considering bringing Crush's Coaster into the Pixar section of Hollywood Studios. Are there any plans of this actually happening sometime in the future? I really hope so.
  3. MAF

    The Roseanne episode at WDW

    Did anyone else think the episode where the cast of Roseanne went to WDW was not good? I just watched it yesterday on Netflix and I thought it was pretty awful. It was a two-parter and they only show them in the parks for barely one episode. Also they didn't stay in a Disney hotel. I don't...
  4. MAF

    Epic Mickey merchandise @ WDW?

    Does WDW have any Epic Mickey merchandise out? I was hoping to snag an Epic Mickey hoodie or T-shirt.
  5. MAF

    Looking for area music.

    Where do I find the best website to download area music of the parks? I used to have a link years ago but now it's gone. Much thanks!
  6. MAF

    WDW is a hotbed for drugs and s-ex!

    I saw that headline on the cover of a magazine at the grocery store today. It was on one of those tabloid magazines. Does anyone have the article? :lol:
  7. MAF

    Best Week Ever: Disney Edition (My Sept. 6-13 Trip Report)

    Well kids I just got back from "the most magical place on Earth" and I'm here to tell you all about my little travels. We left at the butt-crack of morning on Saturday, Sept. 6th and sadly had to leave on Saturday, Sept. 13th. Well this will be my first trip report, so strap yourselves in and...
  8. MAF

    ECV abuse caught on camera...

    This video just pushed my buttons... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZw9oaw78tc
  9. MAF

    Who's your fave classic character in parks?

    I was wondering who is your fave "classic" character in the parks? For me it would be Mickey, with Donald in a very close second.
  10. MAF

    Post Your Disney DVD Collection!

    Ok I'm extremely bored today, so humor me. I was wondering what is in your Disney DVD collection? Here's mine (In Alphabetical Order): 101 Dalmations Aladdin Bambi Beauty and the Beast A Bug's Life Cadet Kelly Cars Cinderella Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen The Even Stevens...
  11. MAF

    Ever have anyting stolen while at the World?

    I was just wondering, has anyone ever had anything of theirs stolen while at WDW? I want to bring my iPod and my sunglasses w/ me to the pool and was hoping that nobody would be stupid enough to steal them while I was swimming or something.
  12. MAF

    Quarterlife Crisis

    Anyone else ever gone through what they call a "Quarterlife Crisis"? Right now I have a bachelor's degree in marketing, yet I can't get a job with it in my area. I thought about getting my Master's, but then I realized that maybe marketing and business isn't really for me. It kinda sucks that...
  13. MAF

    Screen name changes?

    I was wondering if it is at all possible to have a mod change my screen name? I am so sick of this one and it doesn't really suit me at all anymore. I'm guessing this is probably a no, but just thought I would find out. Thanks!
  14. MAF

    The Spice Girls Are Back!

    They're all officially back together for a world tour. They're only coming to 3 cities in the US though. Aren't you all excited??? haha :lol:
  15. MAF

    DH, DW, DS....What does the D mean!?

    Ok I know I probably shouldn't have made an entire thread about this, but I have always been curious what the D stands for when people are referring to their husband, wife, son, ect....? Please elaborate because this has bugged me ever since I joined this board! :hammer:
  16. MAF

    What's the best cell phone company?

    My contract for my cell phone has just expired this month and I'm thinking about going with a different company this time around. What do you all reccomend and who should I stay far away from? Any help would be truly appreciated! :D
  17. MAF

    Getting WDW jobs that aren't apart of the CP

    I just graduated from college w/ a marketing degree yesterday and I was wondering if anyone has ever applied for a job at WDW after graduation. I'm not talking about the College Program thingy either. Just curious because I would love to work for WDW using my degree.
  18. MAF

    Erin from WDW Planning DVD in FHM Magazine

    Here's the link of Erin Cahill from the WDW Planning dvd in FHM magazine. There's a few pics of her and an interview, but no mention of her stint w/ Disney (as if there would be lol). Just thought I would share since many people find her attractive....:animwink...
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