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  1. elizs77

    If at first you don't succeed...

    ...keep trying! I just got in to Le Cellier for dinner on Saturday, August 1!!! :sohappy::sohappy: Loving this online system - makes it soooo much easier to keep checking and keep checking and keep checking.
  2. elizs77

    Picture at Chef Mickey's

    We usually skip the picture b/c hate being herded over to have a picture taken first thing in the morning when I don't want a picture taken anyway. But is this photo included with the meal like some of the others? Am considering rethinking this one if it is. Thanks.
  3. elizs77

    Star Wars face painting?

    Am I remembering wrong, but is there Star Wars character face painting in DHS? If so, does anyone have an idea about the price? My DS6 doesn't know we are going in 2 weeks, but he was talking about having this done today.
  4. elizs77

    What's the benefit of advance check in?

    Okay, so I can check in 10 days prior to my trip. But other than just the excitement of it all, what's the real benefit to doing this? When it comes to room assignment day, do they give those who've checked in better rooms? Is it just seemingly faster when you actually get there? Or is it...
  5. elizs77

    Do they still only have glass cups at the Contemporary?

    After watching that video last year that was circulating of mousekeeping doing all kinds of nasty things to the used glasses in the rooms at the Contemporary, I always bring my own paper/plastic cups now on trips. Does anyone know if they still only have glass at the Contemporary, or do they...
  6. elizs77

    Random quick question on autograph books

    Does anyone remember how much a basic (not one that holds photos) autograph book costs in the Parks? Thanks.
  7. elizs77

    Online check in

    Does Disney allow online check in for guests who went through a travel agent? I really wish Disney would at least allow travel agency customers to just look at their ressie online, especially since they make it so that to get a AAA discount and get a package, you HAVE to go through an agent...
  8. elizs77

    Our wonderful trip 5/7 - 5/12

    Wednesday, May 7: Our flight didn't leave out of Raleigh until 2:20, so DH actually went into work that morning for a few hours, leaving me with the kids to get the house cleaned and the little things packed. All went well, and we hit the road around 10:30. I always feel weird driving to...
  9. elizs77

    How much?

    How much are the pin lanyard sets going for at the parks now? My son thinks he wants to do pins, and we're just wondering. Thanks.
  10. elizs77

    Counter service dessert with DDP

    What is the current counter service dessert on the DDP? When we went in 2006, it was usually a sad little chocolate cake. Hubby was asking tonight, so thought I'd ask. Also, I had read on these threads one time that if we get a kid's meal with the healthier selection, the grapes count as the...
  11. elizs77

    Super quick question about Citricos

    I am literally sitting here about to call WDW DINE to make a few tweaks to our ADRs. We have DS5 and DD10 mo. Our son is capable of behaving and is not one of those crazy kids who runs around restaurants. Is Citricos appropriate for children of these ages? Thanks!!
  12. elizs77

    Delta's buying Northwest

    Official statement from Northwest to frequent flyers: As a valued Northwest Airlines customer and WorldPerks® member, I wanted you to be among the first to hear that we have announced a merger with Delta Air Lines. Subject to regulatory review, our two airlines are joining forces to create...
  13. elizs77

    What are you reading?

    I love to read, but with two kids, I don't get to read as much as I like. So when I can read, I want to read something good. So what are you reading right now? I just finished The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory. I'm now reading Eric Clapton's autobiography.
  14. elizs77

    Mickey Moms Club packet

    If any of you ladies out there entered the contest last fall to join the Mickey Moms Panel, watch your mailboxes! I just brought in today's mail, and there was a huge envelope in it. It was a folder full of stuff for the brand new Mickey Moms Club, and it evidently is going out to those who...
  15. elizs77

    Hollywood Brown Derby

    Why does this restaurant require 2 table service meals per person if you are using the plan? I looked at the menu, and price-wise, I don't see where it would necessarily be more than a lot of the Epcot restaurants like Le Cellier (please, oh please Disney minions who troll this site, do not...
  16. elizs77

    Return trip to airport on Mag Exp - car seat?

    We are using Magical Express on our upcoming WDW trip. When we traveled in 2006, we were taken back to the airport in a 15 passenger van. DS3 just sat in a regular seat w/ a regular seatbelt. We are now going to be traveling infant DD, and we are not taking a car seat. Will this be okay for...
  17. elizs77

    Pirate & Princess - Is it worth it?

    We're going in early May w/ DS5 and DD10mo. DS loves pirate stuff, adores swords, the whole bit. When we went in '06, he thought the pirate tutorial was awesome, and he carried around his certificate for months (it's now scrapbooked). Anyway, I'd probably jump at P&PP EXCEPT it's even more...
  18. elizs77

    Kitchen Kaberet

    Missing the sounds of Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit!
  19. elizs77

    Hi y'all!!

    I've been on here for about a week, and I just decided to join. DH surprised me about 2 weeks ago with the suggestion that we go to WDW in May (initally, it was for a conference, then he decided to push that aside). So, we're taking DS back and DD for her first trip! I've been to WDW 12...
  20. elizs77

    Okay you Polynesian fans, I need more info

    You guys have overwhelmingly recommended that our family stay at the Polynesian during our trip this May over the Grand Floridian. We just have a few reservations about staying here. When we went in 9/2006, we had dinner at O'Hana (which we loved...), but we weren't impressed with the theme...
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