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  1. Brian & Jill


    Is Catain Henry still at the helm of the Dream or is there a different captain??? TIA.
  2. Brian & Jill


    Is Vanellopes open while you are at port or only while you are at sea?
  3. Brian & Jill

    Survey email?????

    My wife got an email from Disney Cruise Line stating that they are selecting 30 people for a 3 day online survey that will take about an hour each day. Has anyone else received this and or is it a possible hoax? I figured who else to ask but my fellow Disney cruise line friends. Thanks in...
  4. Brian & Jill

    4th of July........

    Gotta a question so here it is regarding 4th of July. I was setting up fast passes for my wife and I and our 2 nephews for our July 4th trip,and I was wondering how to set up fast passes for the 4th of July fireworks. On MDE it says that wishes is being "refurbished" for the 3rd and 4th. Any...
  5. Brian & Jill

    Final payment.....

    I have a question regarding final payment,so here it is. Do you have to make your final payment before you can start setting up fast passes online?
  6. Brian & Jill

    Purple magic bands.....

    My DW is getting antsy, she wants to know when are we going to be able to order hers? We leave the last week of October.
  7. Brian & Jill

    Purple Magic Bands......

    My DW is getting very antsy about the purple magic bands......any word on when they are getting released? We are going down in the last week of October.
  8. Brian & Jill

    Looking to book in May....

    We are looking to book a cruise for a week in May and I was wondering if we get any discount since we are looking at booking it while we are in the parks in October?
  9. Brian & Jill

    Luggage Tags.....

    I'm sure someone in the forums knows this answer....I just cannot find it. Can you call Disney and request more luggage tags on top of the one per person they already send you, and if so is there any extra cost? Thanks for any feedback. (I'm talking about the yellow ones for the magical express)
  10. Brian & Jill


    I'm throwing this question out there:confused:....has anybody gone to "Airport Beach" on St.Marrten,and if you did how did you get there? ( bus,taxi,walk)
  11. Brian & Jill

    Dinner rotation.....

    I'm not if this question has ever been asked....but when do we find out our dining rotation and what restaurants we will be at and what restaurant we will be at 3 times? Sorry if I have asked this before but I am a walking brain fart lately!!!!!(sorry if my expression offended anybody)
  12. Brian & Jill

    Disney stuff....

    All week on Destination America is Disney week!!! WooHoo!!!!:)
  13. Brian & Jill

    Disney World stuff......

    Destination America has disney stuff on tonite....just stumbled on it 2 minutes ago!!!! WooHoo!!!!!
  14. Brian & Jill


    I was just wondering who the captain is on the Fantasy? The only reason I ask is because we had Captain Henry on our other three cruises ( on our first 2 cruises on the Wonder and on our last cruise on the Dream) it doesn't make a difference but it would be kind neat to possibly have him on our...
  15. Brian & Jill

    Speedweeks 2014

    Finally speedweeks 2014 has started at Daytona (This is going to be Kevin Harvicks year). Which means racing season is finally upon us and it is right around the corner for the local tracks here in WNY.(2 months out)
  16. Brian & Jill

    Flying in the night before

    We are flying down the night before our May cruise. We are staying right at Orlando Airport and I have a couple of questions: 1- What is the earliest time we can take our luggage down to the DCL bus check-in? 2-What time does the first bus leave MCO for Port Canaveral? It's only...
  17. Brian & Jill

    Just something that will make you laugh

    My nephew sent me this....it took me awhile to figure it out but once I did I was laughing my but off!!! You read it fast and out loud and will get to.
  18. Brian & Jill

    Hello from WNY!

    Hello my name is Brian an my wife's name is Jill. We live up here in Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. I've been on and watching the site since June or July and just became a member last Saturday. We go to Disney at least once a year for the past 18 yrs and have always stayed on the property with our...
  19. Brian & Jill

    Disney Fantasy May3rd -10th

    Anyone want to meet up???
  20. Brian & Jill

    Disney Fantasy May 3rd -10th?

    Is anyone sailing on the Fantasy on May 3rd to May 10th and also staying at Hyatt at MCO?
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