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  1. rkelly42

    May 2016

    just booked trip for May 14th 2016. Seems so far away but still very excited. Anyone else going around this time?
  2. rkelly42

    Disney dining

    Where can I find a list of restaurants participating in the disney dining plan for 2016?
  3. rkelly42

    April crowds

    Planning a trip for first week of April 2016. Can anyone enlighten me on what crowd levels are like. I have checked crowd calendars but would rather have first hand accounts.
  4. rkelly42

    Poly condition

    looking into staying at poly next May. I am a little concerned about all of the construction that has been happening there. Does anyone have any updates on the condition of the resort and the outlook for it come May. I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks
  5. rkelly42

    One night in Epcot, which restaurant?

    So we are going to be in wdw for just one day and plan on spending it in Epcot. As you can guess by the title, I am torn to which restaurant to choose for our only night. We are two adults and two children our son who is 3 and daughter who is 8 and I am down to four choices and they are Teppan...
  6. rkelly42

    Red Sox Win!! Now when is the parade?

    So the Boston Red Sox are world champions again. As a huge sox fan and someone who will be down in wdw starting this Saturday, I was wondering when everyone thinks will be the parade? I am hoping to see David Ortiz coming down main street U.S.A still celebrating his many accomplishments of the year.
  7. rkelly42

    First week november?

    I am planning a trip this fall and we are looking at the first week ofNovember. My questions are what are the crowds like during this time, is f&w busier being that it will be in its final week and lastly what decorations will be up Halloween or Christmas? I would greatly appreciate any input...
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