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  1. DocMcHulk

    Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster to be Re-Themed?

    https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/11/16/business/media/disney-invests-billions-in-theme-parks.html?mtrref=*****.com&gwh=5D2416754DE00D24CCF530472EAD7545&gwt=pay "Here is a look at what Disney is doing and why — along with the risks involved in such an aggressive undertaking.."...
  2. DocMcHulk

    How Long Do Christmas Decorations Stay Up

    I'm tentatively planning a January trip to WDW in the next few years. I was hoping to still enjoy some of the Christmas decorations. How long does WDW generally keep the Christmas decorations up?
  3. DocMcHulk

    Disney's Diamond Celebration Float for the Rose Parade

    Per InsideTheMagic: When the Rose Parade kicks off in Pasadena , California on January 1st 2016, Disney will be bringing some extra magic to the parade. To celebrate their 60th anniversary Disneyland is bringing an all new 3-part parade float to the Rose Parade featuring a stunning recreation...
  4. DocMcHulk

    Avatar's first sequel delayed until late 2017

    This keeps getting worse for Disney. TheVerge.com- James Cameron is pushing back the release date of his next Avatar film, which is now planned for late 2017 — one year later than he was originally targeting. Cameron is working on three new Avatar movies at once, which he plans to shoot...
  5. DocMcHulk

    Bob Iger could be next MLB commissioner

    http://pagesix.com/2014/05/21/disneys-bob-iger-could-be-the-next-mlb-commissioner Disney boss Bob Iger is firmly in Major League Baseball’s potential lineup of new commissioner candidates, according to sources. The Disney chairman and CEO — who oversees ABC and ESPN as part of his role — is a...
  6. DocMcHulk

    Winter Park?

    I have a job interview in 2 weeks NE of Orlando (a little north of UCF) and I am looking for areas to move. I have a wife and two kids, so being in a good neighborhood is a priority. I dont really know the Orlando area very well with regards to what areas are "bad" and which are "good". I hear...
  7. DocMcHulk

    Your 2013 Disney Legends

    Steve Jobs Dick Clark Billy Crystal John Goodman Tony Baxter Collin Campbell Glen Keane Ed Wynn via https://d23.com/the-2013-disney-legends-award-honorees/
  8. DocMcHulk

    WDI’s Twister Ride System

    I thought this was interesting... http://www.disneybymark.com/2013/04/30/wdis-twister-ride-system/ More at the link above.
  9. DocMcHulk

    Two new Disney Cruise Line ships??

    A little rumor just started by one of @WDW1974 's favorite people: Ricky Brigante
  10. DocMcHulk

    Disney Shuts Down LucasArts

  11. DocMcHulk

    Universal Employment Perks

    I often read about the perks of being a Disney cast member (discounts, main gate tickets, stuff like that). But, what are the perks of being an employee at universal?
  12. DocMcHulk

    Junction Point Studios - Closed

    After the bad reviews of Epic Mickey and the failure of Epic Mickey 2, Disney has shut-down Junction Point Studios. This via InsideTheMagic
  13. DocMcHulk

    A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas

    From the social butterflies, I mean the Disney Parks Blog... More at the link above
  14. DocMcHulk

    RUMOR: Disney Buying Hasbro?

  15. DocMcHulk

    John Lasseter Visits Imagination Pavilion

    Via @therealmiketheo on Twitter: just thought i'd let you know..John Lasseter was went through the Journey Pavilion, inlcuding the 2nd floor of Imageworks
  16. DocMcHulk

    Kickstarter: EPCOT Center 30th Anniversary Poster Art

    I dont think I have seen this posted anywhere. There is a guy on Kickstarter selling EPCOT Center 30th Anniversary Poster Art. It looks pretty impressive. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/schrist/epcot-center-30th-anniversary-poster-art (PS: I am not the seller. I am not advertising this. I...
  17. DocMcHulk

    Dueling Dumbo Design Problems?

    ************.com -
  18. DocMcHulk

    D23’s Epcot 30th Anniversary celebration

    This was just announced today: D23’s Epcot 30th Anniversary celebration to be held at Walt Disney World, will include Imagineer presentations I have GOT to find a way to get myself down there for this.
  19. DocMcHulk

    "Second Career" Advice

    I graduated college in 2005 with a degree in radio broadcasting, but currently work in IT. I often regret not sticking with my original plan to major in Architecture. There's been something nagging me about that career path recently, I just dont know why. But I think the time in my life to go to...
  20. DocMcHulk

    WDW Tickets Go Up ($90/day)

    Via @cafeorleans - Disney World ticket prices just went up to $90/day (sorry, probably should have posted this in the new forum)
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