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    Castaway Cay

    I'm not sure that this is the right place to post this but was wondering if there has been any word on how Castaway Cay faired during the storm?
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    Slinky Dog

    Can anyone tell me if Slinky Dog has a single rider line?...thanks in advance
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    Airport to hotel

    Does anyone know the cost of Uber or a taxi from the airport to the Disney hotels for two people?
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    Castaway Cay 5K

    Leaving for our cruise in 14 days and thought about doing the 5K ( walking of course ). Can anyone tell me a little more about it please. Is it worth doing it at least once ?
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    Duty Free

    I just read ( on another thread ) that Disney is doing away with the duty free alcohol on all their ships. Has anyone heard this or has anyone been on a cruise recently that can confirm this? Thanks
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    Meet & Greet

    ok I know I am not crazy but I can not find what I am looking for on these threads.. I know I saw something somewhere about signing up for Meet & Greets.... I wasn't aware that you had to sign up...Can some one enlighten me on this
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    Does anyone know the cost of taxi fare from the Orlando airport to a Disney resort?...Just going to be two adults
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    Free dining at POFQ

    I read somewhere that free dining wasn't offered at POFQ this past November ...I have a trip planned for November 2015 and was wondering if free dining will be offered...anyone stayed there during that month?......thanks everyone
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    DTD boat

    I know there is a boat the leaves DTD and goes to POR...just wondering if that is the olny place that it goes to....never been on it and planning doing it this upcoming trip
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    Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    I will be going to Disney World in September of 2014 and was wondering if the BBQ will be open during that time. I know it says seasonal but not real sure when that is . Thanks
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    Mickey's backyard BBQ

    I was wondering if anyone knew what characters are the BBQ...thanks in advance
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    Prime Rib

    I read somewhere that they are not offering prime rib at any of the restaurants at WDW anymore. Has anyone else heard this? I love going to Cinderella's Royal Table at least one night during my visit. Thanks in advance.
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    A few years ago they had computers set up in the Kodak building in the Magic Kingdom where you could send e-mails. I was wondering if there are still any places like this anywhere at WDW. Thanks
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