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  1. Pixie VaVoom

    2016 - HHN Dates

    Odd situation, I have to use up a week of timeshare and my "amusement park line hater" hubby has suggested Orlando. Out last Florida trip 2 years ago was mostly Disney parks, and 2 days of r+r and souveneir shopping near Celebration. He doesn't really want to visit the "mouse" again so soon -...
  2. Pixie VaVoom

    "Points" on your wdw forum profile ??

    HI there - I just noticed that there are "points' under my picture in my profile when I post. what is that for. do I get to trade them for something when I get enough? I know that I am terribly inattentive, but I just never found a spot to ask this question before.
  3. Pixie VaVoom

    Guest Assistance Card question..

    We are going to be at WDW for 7 days, and the CM's have adviced me to utilize the GAC, but i have not gotten the gist of it. Do I have to get a new GAC every day or every new park that we go to?? Or does 1 card cover our weeks stay?? Does anyone have any experience?? Thanks.
  4. Pixie VaVoom

    Getting nervous-3 days out

    Hi there all - Hubby (who has never been) and i leave for WDW in 3 days. I am getting nervous !! what if I forget to pack my Mickey bball cap?? what if he doesn't like it?? What if I goof up using the FastPass kiosks??? on that note does anyone have input on how the FP+ changeover is...
  5. Pixie VaVoom

    Accck!! Which Park when???

    Ok guys - I have not been to WDW in over 10 years and my hubby has never been. We leave for a week on 1/18/14... So I need advice. We have a 6 day non-hopper pass and will probably take at least 1 day to lay around at the condo (offsite). Also we will be using the disability pass (too much...
  6. Pixie VaVoom

    Whatever happened to "Lucky" the dinosaur??

    I just realized that I have not heard nor seen anything about thie new technology for animating m+g characters. Anybody got any news??
  7. Pixie VaVoom

    Clone Toy Story Midway Mania...Please !!!

    Now I may be naive, but has anybody else ever thought "Why don't we put another TSMM in one of the other parks ??" They could change the theming a little bit. Like maybe make fruits and fishes as the targets and make it a "feed the animals" or something. Maybe Epcot with a "kill the germs"...
  8. Pixie VaVoom

    guest assistance card - is this an unfair use?

    Hi guys - I am very new to the forums, but I have a few questions. I am traveling to Disney world in January for a 7 night stay and was wondering what you all think. We have a group of 3 of which I am the youngest at 51 and I am wondering if we should investigate a 'guest assistance pass'. (...
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