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  1. tomast

    Any tip por recomendations for a covid era tríp to wdw?

    Hi everyone! A coworker si traveling for her honeymoon to wdw and it's her first tríp ever, she ask me for any advice or tips as I am "the Disney Guy" who always talk about the parks and atractions and strategys to make the most and Fast pass recomendations. But as you know nothing I know works...
  2. tomast

    Disneyland Ticket refund / extend expiration date?

    Hi everyone! I am back here after some months off, with all the quarantine issues I got little to no time to do what I like, that is spending time here on the forum and daydreaming about Disney, mostly World because I have never been on Disneyland yet. But that was going to change this year! I...
  3. tomast

    Rumor Is Apple about to make the happiest acquisition on earth?

    The latest rumors about Apple buying Walt Disney Co. aren’t new – they go back to Disney’s 2006 acquisition of Pixar. That made late Pixar Co-founder Steve Jobs into Disney’s largest shareholder and a member of its board. Of course, Jobs was also co-founder of a little computer startup you might...
  4. tomast

    Some Help on first trip to Disneyland

    Hi everyone, I am traveling to california next year and after being on Tokio and Paris and NOT going to any Disney parks I decided its time to go to the original castle park. I am a big WDW fan but have no idea about Disneyland Resort. I can only say that the streching room is actually an...
  5. tomast

    Rumor New Journey into imagination/(WORLD Imagination) announcement hidden in the D23!?

    Hi everyone, today I was looking at the announcements of the D23 and looking to the new LOGOS for the pavilions and I found something interesting. As you can see the logos are in groups of colors! you can easily rearrange them in the 3 new "Neighborhoods" Red = World Discovery Blue = World...
  6. tomast

    Should Disney make a donation for the rebuilding of the Notre Dame Cathedral?

    As you might now, the Notre Dame Catheral caught fire and its practicaly destroy. Do you think Disney should donate some money for the rebuilding as a way to help taking in consideration the close relation between the cathedral and the Disney classic movie the hunchback of notre dame
  7. tomast

    Wonders of Science - Dumbo

    Last night I was watching the new Dumbo movie and I Found some similarities between Dumbo's Dreamland and Disney World, specially the "Wonders of science" pavilion that looks like it belongs to old tomorrowland and or EPCOT center. Specially the robot Butler scene Anybody found that similarities??
  8. tomast

    Which is your favorite Minnie ears???

    Hey guys, I am not a fan of Minnie ears but I sometimes found some of them really cool. and today I saw this ears and i found them to be really original. I have seen ones that are similar but "grey" as in "daylight" spaceship eart. But this ones are amazing. Wich is your favorite? wich is...
  9. tomast

    Trip Report Just Arrived from my Trip to DHS, this is what I saw!

    Who: Just me. When: (Today) Why: Why not? Hello all! We've been back for almost two hours now and I want to share this amazing pictures I take on DHS Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taken them!!
  10. tomast

    Might be traveling for first time on June/July any recommendations??

    Hi everyone, I will be on Paris for those dates I am thinking of making a quick visit to Disneyland Paris for the first time. Do you have any recommendations?? Do you think Is it worth if I am staying for a small time in Paris? Can I do both parks in one day or should I only do one?? Is there...
  11. tomast

    NY Times : "Disney Is Spending More on Theme Parks Than It Did on Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm Combined"

    I have just read a very interesting artcile on New York times showing the future addition to disney parks (nothing we dont already know) but its presented in a really nice way so... if anyone wants to read it too you can found it here*:) edit 1: *Click here or there to see the artcile edit 2...
  12. tomast

    Haunted Mansion pre-show

    I want to tell you my not so happy experience in my favorite ride on Magic Kingdom, please share yours I will really apreciate it. The last 5 times I went to Haunted Mansion the cast member that open the Haunted Mansion door made everyone skip the"pre-show" in the room previous the stretching...
  13. tomast

    My opinion of the biggest problem Disney parks has to face

    Hi everyone, I want to share my short opinion of what is the biggest problem Disney parks has to face, but not only Disney´s also Universal Studios. I have read tons of post and comments where the writer describes how Disney is lossing its magic and how universal is a "Screen" park and how...
  14. tomast

    Heavy IP FutureWorld "PixarLand"

    Not sure where this kind of thread should be post, please if you think it should be somewhere else please accept my apologies. I know you probably have read this kind of post sometimes and I know you probably hate to see an IP Epcot cause you and I know that that's simply not EPCOT but... How...
  15. tomast

    New Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle to HK, Could it also go to WoL pavilion?

    The rest of the news is here: I can see this coming to WoL eventually, because 1)Its Marvel, and the chances of getting a small mini marvel land in future world seems high 2) its kind of "scientific" kind of "futuristic", enought for todays standars where GoG is because they are on a...
  16. tomast

    What is this building beyond RnRc??

    The one with the 6 palmtrees?
  17. tomast

    Living with the land - research

    Hi there, I think everyone ride at least one time the living with the land atraction at the land pavilion on epcot center, in that ride there is a moment when the boat (what an irony, the land has a boat ride and the seas has a train ride) goes inside the greenhouse, you can hear the narrator...
  18. tomast

    Rumor StormTroopers at Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, new star wars show??

    Hi everyone I am not sure if this have been post yet, but I was looking at MyDisney Experience map and i found some really small stormtroopers at DHS map. Most of them are at star tours but I also found one in Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, does somebody knows what are those?? I know it is a...
  19. tomast

    Does someone help me with what happend to Honey I shrunk the Audience??

    Hi everyone, today i was thinking of epcot and i remember that atraction and the feeling of the mouse scene! Does someone know the story of the end of that atraction??
  20. tomast

    Should EPCOT try and be more like Futuroscope in france??

    Should EPCOT try and be more like Futuroscope in france?? I mean now that Disney is trying to make a few changes, would Futuroscope be a good example to what to aim??
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