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    Record profit for Disney

    Yes it does benefit the employees having a profitable business. How many employees do companies that go out of business employ?
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    How does WDW stack up against exotic international vacations?

    What I found is it brought back the good memories of the time I had in Europe. The world showcase is nothing like actually being their of course but it was a great reminder of having traveled to the real thing.
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Evening Shots)

    Nothing like some of the amazing photos that I see on here but figured I would contribute.
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    What sponsors would you like to see in Epcot?

    Much rather have Ford at the test track then Honda. Ford at least has some exciting vehicles and a history in America that people could identify with. Also would like to see General Electric take over Universe of Energy. Give that ride a modern update. GE seems to keep plugging their...
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    Eddie Sotto's take on the current state of the parks

    I may be in the minority but YES TRON!!! It would be awesome if they could make an E ticket ride based on Tron!
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    Will the Yeti be ready for his big 5th Birthday Bash?

    Come celebrate the latest Tower of Terror birthday party by taking the stairs...
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    What would you do to Future World

    I don't have any grand ideas but I would like to see a TTA/peoplemover added to future world. Make it a loop with three stops to help people move around the park. Also gut universe of energy, update the ride and give me a nice post show area showing the new sources of energy. Algae is being...
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    Disney, Universal win insurance waivers.....

    I see the comparison between Disney and McDonald in regards to salary paid to lower income jobs. In general terms they are both service type jobs. While at McJob they don't have to be "magical" but I don't believe Disney has had problem staffing their parks from people wanting to avoid the mouse...
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    Disney, Universal win insurance waivers.....

    If all employers are allowed to apply for a waiver then why would it be shame on Disney for applying and getting accepted? They followed the rules and the government granted it to them. Now if you think that is because of all the tourism(money) that Disney brings in to the area is the reason...
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    Disney, Universal win insurance waivers.....

    Technically it is the shareholders money. They appointed a board of directors to decide who runs the company. If they don't like the CEO getting huge bonus then it is up to them to remove who ever it is. At the end of this, it is Disney's money and they will do whatever they want with it at...
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    Disney, Universal win insurance waivers.....

    Yes and everyone collecting an un-employement check deserves it. Their are bad cases on both sides of this argument. No need to turn this into a flame war. I just don't understand how this could possible be a shame on Disney or Universal. They applied for a wavier allowing them to keep their...
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    Disney, Universal win insurance waivers.....

    How is this shame on Disney or Universal. Just because they can afford it doesn't mean that they should be forced to. They are a business and are allowed to set their own standards within reason. If they wanted employees to preform better and decided health care was the way then that is their...
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    EPCOT Monorail down - truck hits pylon

    That title sure is misleading.
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    Disney gets on board with fast-train proposal

    While buses are easier has anyone looked into the aspect of flying into Tampa then taking the train to WDW? Would the option of flying into a different airport lower the cost of airfares or give consumers cheaper options of getting to WDW. With a high speed train you could fly into either city...
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    Does Disney still own the land south of WWOS?

    Awesome link, I always wondered the same thing with I checked out the park with Google Maps.
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    What rides does WDW have that wouldn't be out of place at Cedar Point?

    I would say that none of the rides fit in as the are all themed with a story behind them although it would be easier to just remove the story behind RNR and Space Mountain could easy just be changed into a dark ride.
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    Space Mountain Speaker Tests?

    Having been on DLP SM it is way better than what we have here in the states. My only knocks against the ride is while sitting in the back of the train you get beat up a bit which wasn't to pleasing, and I personally don't like the old style theming involved. It would be nice if the brought the...
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    Why doesn't Disney want to build and operate restaurants anymore?

    My take is they get to charge premiums for these companies to use the land, on top of that they can cut out the all the supply management needed to runs these places along with the janitors and support staff. Assuming that these business have to use there own suppliers and hire there own people.
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    Well most people just want a bland car that takes them from A to B or want something flashy that...

    Well most people just want a bland car that takes them from A to B or want something flashy that says look at me I am cool. Personally I like to know about what is out there to make a decision that fits me best. Crazy I know...
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    Test Track sponsorship

    No you are extrapolating what I said. I said stop trying to justify your purchase of a foreign car by trying to say it is American. If you drive a Mercedes Benz ML pretty much everyone will say it is a German car even thought it is built in Alabama. So while your toyota may have been built here...
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