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  1. cowanfamily

    Four parks, one mouse...err man.

    Great update! Enjoy the rest of the day!
  2. cowanfamily

    You Hate Everything About It, Yet You Still Go

    The numbers don't lie. As long as the parks are full TDO is still making money. I was there on a Saturday night the last weekend in September. It was packed with people. I couldn't believe the parks were that full in September. It's about supply and demand. The cost is going up because the...
  3. cowanfamily

    You Hate Everything About It, Yet You Still Go

    You don't get it. You never will. Walt's goal was to make money. He chose a different route to do that. That was his ultimate goal. It's a business.
  4. cowanfamily

    Family Dissapearing???

    That's not a good sign. Similar thing happened to me. My stuff was screwed up all trip.
  5. cowanfamily

    Club Cool Closing? (FALSE RUMOR)

    The only thing I like about Starbucks was any size was just 1 snack credit. However, the atmosphere inside absolutely sucked. I want my bakery back.
  6. cowanfamily

    Shedding a tear

    I shed a tear every time I see the total on my bill!
  7. cowanfamily

    Is this it!????..

    Saratoga Springs has to be as bland as you will find on property.
  8. cowanfamily

    Will we regret Contemporary

    My next stay is at the Contemporary. I chose it for 1 reason, walking to MK. I spend more time there with my kids than the other three combined. For this reason I can do without the elaborate themeing. I would rather bypass the "bus depot" and keep om walking to my resort.
  9. cowanfamily

    Filming at the MK today?

    What makes you think they have extra spending money overseas?
  10. cowanfamily

    My magicband experience this past week.

    The said I could keep the ones with our names on them as well. I said no thanks. I did find it interesting that they do have colored bands on hand for cases like ours. (we recieved colored ones as well). Yet if you make late reservations they will only give you gray ones.
  11. cowanfamily

    AOA - Room Question

    I just left AoA staying in Cars. I made the walk out to LM to check out the decor. This place is a long walk from the main building. I think the walk across the bridge to POP was shorter. They should put a bus stop out there.
  12. cowanfamily

    Best dining plan snacks

    Dole whip floats, Venti drinks at Starbucks and school bread are favorites here.
  13. cowanfamily

    My magicband experience this past week.

    it had the same result. The problem was with "My Disney Experience". MDE is used to run all the info through that is sent to your band. If MDE is screwed up, everything will be screwed up. The only problem I ran into that could be solved using the card had to do with the dining plan. At check in...
  14. cowanfamily

    My magicband experience this past week.

    The KTTW card can be used anywhere the band is used.
  15. cowanfamily

    My magicband experience this past week.

    The KTTW card is a backup if the bands don't work. The problem I was having was "My Disney Experience" that everything runs through wasn't transferring my info over. So it didn't matter if I used the card or the band I had the same results. The bands did open the door to my room at AOA. Until...
  16. cowanfamily

    My magicband experience this past week.

    I understood going into my trip that the magicbands were still in the testing mode. I expected some hiccups from them. The hiccups started at check in. The ones I received in the mail were no good. I stood at the counter for an hour trying to check in. 5 managers and an hour later I was finally...
  17. cowanfamily

    How many days for you - part 8

    I'm bouncing off the walls. AOA here I come!
  18. cowanfamily

    Starting our 13 hrs

    Have a blast! I head out in 7 days!
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