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  1. cowanfamily

    My magicband experience this past week.

    I understood going into my trip that the magicbands were still in the testing mode. I expected some hiccups from them. The hiccups started at check in. The ones I received in the mail were no good. I stood at the counter for an hour trying to check in. 5 managers and an hour later I was finally...
  2. cowanfamily

    Lion King Suites

    Just booked Lion King with free dining in September. Previously it was just offered to Cars.
  3. cowanfamily

    Has anyone seen this yet?

  4. cowanfamily

    Santa gets shutdown at MK

  5. cowanfamily

    I followed everyones advice and...

    Before my trip in March, I told everyone how much my son(6) loves Indiana Jones. I asked advice on how to get picked for the show. The advice worked and I was the first one picked.:sohappy::sohappy: I just wanted to thank everyone that gave me advice that day!
  6. cowanfamily

    Indiana Jones question

    Has anyone here ever been used as a helper in IJSS? My 6 year old loves Indy and I want to try and get selected to be a helper.
  7. cowanfamily

    Has anyone heard of this offer yet?

    I came across this offer on another board. I wasn't sure if it had any validity to it or not. Has anyone heard of this yet? "Hi my friends, we have our trip already booked for september with the FD, but i know that a lot of fellow disers are waiting for this big new, (THIS IS INTERNAL...
  8. cowanfamily

    Tony's for Thanksgiving!

    I am going to be at Tony's in the MK for Thanksgiving. Has anyone eaten here before on Thanksgiving? If so is it the same menu or have they altered it for the holiday?
  9. cowanfamily

    Missed WDWMAGIC!

    Just got back from being out of town for a week. I was literally in the sticks! No internet or cell coverage. I just wanted to say: I missed you guys!
  10. cowanfamily

    Mickey artwork causing a stir in Poland!

    Unbelievable how ignorant some people can be. All in the name of art! http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/07/14/mickey-mouse-nazi-symbol-ignites-polish-anger/?test=latestnews
  11. cowanfamily

    ***** Pack's in WDW

    Has anyone ever noticed the over abundance of ***** pack's(belly bags) at WDW. I think this must be the only place they are still used. Does anyone on the boards still use a ***** pack when they go to WDW?:veryconfu:veryconfu:veryconfu
  12. cowanfamily

    Typhoon Lagoon question

    I've spent many occasions at Typhoon Lagoon. I've never gone with kids though. DS age 4 and DS age 3. Is there any locations to set up at that have more shade than others. If so where at?
  13. cowanfamily

    Should we upgrade our dining plan!

    With less than one month before our trip, my DW and I are debating wether or not we should upgrade our free QS dining plan to the deluxe. We have always used the deluxe and had planned to do this again. Reservations are already made and can be cancelled so thats not a big deal. We have just been...
  14. cowanfamily

    Help! Need a dispute settled!

    I will be celebrating my son's 3rd birthday at WDW this June. I have res. at Chef Mickey's and Crystal Palace. I need to cancel one this week. It has been a hot debate between the wife and I. We decided since we couldn't come to an agreement, that we would allow the people on this forum to...
  15. cowanfamily

    Pin Code usage

    Just got off the phone with reservationist at WDW. The pin codes can be used for up to 3 reservations. As long as they fall within the dates allowed. I was unaware of this. It worked out great for my trip. This time it's a grand gathering trip. All three rooms I've reserved are covered by the...
  16. cowanfamily

    June 3 -6

    I will be arriving at WDW June 3 and staying through the 12th. I've recently found out that the 3rd through the 6th is Orlando Gay Days. I've been told to avoid the MK on Sat the 5th. Does anyone know what the other parks are like during this time period.
  17. cowanfamily

    I need a debate resolved.

    My daughter and I were discussing our upcoming trip to the World. She says that the anticipation leading up to the trip is just as exciting if not more than the trip itself. What do you find more exciting: The trip itself, or the anticipation leading up to it? I told her we would let this forum...
  18. cowanfamily

    What can gift cards be used on?

    There are 8 of us and have three rooms at the Beach Club. We will be receiving 3 gift cards, 1 for each room, worth $750 each. The question I have is what can these cards be used on? If they can be used for dining, should I drop the DDP. Can these cards be used for tours? (Segway preferably)...
  19. cowanfamily

    Taking first timers to WDW.

    I'm taking my sister and her family for the first time to the WDW. The 4 of them have never been on a trip before. I have built this trip up for 10 months. I want to start the trip off with a bang. Any suggestions on what to do the first day we are there. The kids are in their teens.
  20. cowanfamily

    Kona Cafe

    I am going to WDW in Sept. I have res. one night at the Kona Cafe. Lately I have read some bad reviews about this place. Have any of you been there. If so what is your recomendation.
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