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  1. DManRightHere

    New speciality cruise takes guests around World Showcase Lagoon

    Well that isn't nearly a 60 minute excursion.
  2. DManRightHere

    New speciality cruise takes guests around World Showcase Lagoon

    This is a heck of a deal if you have a group of folks that just want to see the world showcase. Think how much tickets for 10 would be.
  3. DManRightHere

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    What if some of it is like the Hogwarts Express system? I would think the interchange to Epcot would have to be a very large gondala.
  4. DManRightHere

    Random Tid Bits of News

    We are at the parks this week and just wanted to post some things I have noticed and have not seen previously mentioned anywhere. First off, there is a Pizza Window at Via Napoli. I was quite excited when I came across this, they have 3 options of pizza by the slice and a couple other options...
  5. DManRightHere

    D-Living home decor store opening in the Town Center at Disney Springs next week

    I'd like to see a store that has furniture and linens like the hotels. I doubt I'd be able to afford it, though I did buy an AKL comforter used online. It was a bit pricey too.
  6. DManRightHere

    New Ticket Option - 4 Park Magic Ticket

    I thought things were supposed to be getting simplified. So....does this allow the so many times asked "Can I redeem 2 days worth of tickets in one day?". So visit for 3 days, MK 1 day, Epcot 1 day, and both HS/AKL on 1 day.
  7. DManRightHere

    Disney is crazy expensive

    Is this for 2 or 4 folks?
  8. DManRightHere

    New Ideas for a return visit next Fall.

    The only thing we've ever really splurged on is wishes dessert party. If you love sweets, and want a great view of the fireworks, it is very nice. We are going to try out hoop dee doo review on our oncoming trip. I've always been interested in fantasia gardens mini golf and renting a sea racer...
  9. DManRightHere

    Real ghost at Caribbean Beach Resort rm 3906

    This is only vaguely relavent, but I've read all of the deaths I could find related to WDW, but I've never read about anyone just passing away in their room/sleep. Anyone know?
  10. DManRightHere

    Buying tickets for parks and universal

    Here is a current forecast you can keep an eye on. http://m.accuweather.com/en/us/orlando-fl/32801/month/328169?monyr=1/01/2017
  11. DManRightHere

    Disney ticket disaster

    If all other options are lost, you can take a gamble and sell on ebay. I thought the names could be changed prior to first use.
  12. DManRightHere

    Transportation Testing Games

    I am a bit torn on this idea. I like the idea as it gives the kids something to do, it's interactive with CM's, and gets kids off a smart device. I don't like it as I can see this very easily allowing parents to blame CM's for not watching their kids (they are still close to the road), and then...
  13. DManRightHere

    Original Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Jambo House Villa?

    I may be misunderstanding you, but I believe Kidano is primarily studio villas and larger rooms and Jambo is the Jambo is the main resort. We have only stayed at Jambo, smaller rooms, bit it is our favorite place that we've stayed on property.
  14. DManRightHere

    Hollywood Studios Special Event December 17th 2016

    I searched around and can not find what this is.
  15. DManRightHere

    Disney cruise or Disney world?

    Why do they need passports? I thought the Disney cruise only went to their private island? Nevermind, I see they have many destinations.
  16. DManRightHere

    Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I am disappointed (I guess that makes me a complainer too). I was looking forward to the SW show for our upcoming trip. Why do they have to shove Christmas in our face everywhere we go? Lol! I'm sure this show will be good too, but it is not SW.
  17. DManRightHere

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong from construction to opening

    Cool. I at first thought they were real, (plus an initial article I read said they were "manned" vehicles). The first ride there was no physical interaction with the driver, which I concluded was dumb for a manned vehicle, unless they just had to for safety issues. Then the second go around we...
  18. DManRightHere

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong from construction to opening

    I rode it and went in from the dark (never read reviews or anything). I finally realized on the second time I rode the driver was autonomous. The facade is amazing. The outside que is ok, it felt too much like buildings, but I really enjoyed the old timey music. The inside que I really enjoyed...
  19. DManRightHere

    Birthday Celebration for Adult Male

    You could probably get alcohol through in room dining. Any interest in out of the resort hotel experiences?
  20. DManRightHere

    Hurricane Matthew

    Is it really the buildings? I thought it was mainly storm surges and flooding...
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