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  1. nngrendel

    What to do throughout the Year

    Been really considering getting a AP sometime after Sept. Been trying to sweeten the deal with my wife and been naming things we could see and do that we haven't before. Like Flower and Garden and Christmas Party throughout the year. What are some of your favorite things and events to do...
  2. nngrendel

    Crazy Idea!

    Been waiting on the 2015 dates to come out and its left me lots of time to think of my plan of attack for my upcoming trip. We want to come up next September to the Food and Wine Festival. Just my wife and I and possibly some friends will join us. I live right outside of Atlanta, GA so driving...
  3. nngrendel

    Epcot After Hours Wind Down

    Has anyone tried this yet and your thoughts??
  4. nngrendel

    Whos waiting for 2015 packages??

    So a quick search of the forums here showed from post around 2013 and 2014 that you can start booking these packages around the first of July. I am so ready to book my trip its not even funny. So with that said thought I would start a thread for those of us looking to book for 2015 and...
  5. nngrendel

    Buffet Dining Special Needs

    I have friends that are planning a trip and have recently had a Gastric Sleeve surgery and can only eat no more than about 6-8 oz. They are going with 8 other people and dont want to limit where they can go out and dine. Does the Buffet dining places like Chef Mickey and Crystal Palace have...
  6. nngrendel

    About TIME!!

    After 2 years wife and I was talking about going again. A couple weeks ago we were talking to some friends about Disney and how they wanted to go to the Food and Wine Festival. Well..... the wife gave me the nod that we could go so I am not patiently waiting for the 2015 dates to be released...
  7. nngrendel

    Need a Discount

    So been looking at another Sept trip. Our last trip was 2 years ago and to be honest I need another Epcot fix! So have been logging into my account and pricing trips going all the way through except for putting in my credit card info. I have been told before sometimes this is a good way to...
  8. nngrendel

    Time to plan another trip :)

    Well my wife wanted us to buy a new home so we did. Now its going on 2 years since our last visit so I am ready to start planning a new trip!! Cant wait to get back on the countdown thread. Anyway been thinking about taking some of the kids for their last visit with us footing the bill...
  9. nngrendel

    Could a trip booking be in my future?

    Have not been able to plan a trip for over a year now. Wife wanted us to buy a house first. sheeesh! Well. Can I say House Purchase... Check! We finally after 7 months of trying to buy a short sale completed the deal and almost fished moving. We love our new place. While unpacking my...
  10. nngrendel

    Help from my WDWMagic Friends

    My Family and I submitted a photo of us for a small contest with a pizza chain called Johnnys Pizza. If our picture earns the most votes then we will win a 100 dollar gift card. We eat here every Wed night for team trivia and it would be awesome to win the 100 bucks. So..... With that said...
  11. nngrendel

    Need another trip for more pictures

    So it has been a year since my last visit. I look at my pictures often and wonder what I want to do next trip. At this point I dont know because I am in the middle of trying to buy a home and everything is on hold. This past week I finally decided to get some good prints of some of my work...
  12. nngrendel

    Got a pin code via email

    Got a pin code in my email today for the same dates as my anniversary! Hummmmm. Doubt I can talk the wife into it. Working on buying a home right now. Ugggghhh!
  13. nngrendel

    Funny looks when taking pictures?

    Do you get funny looks when you are taking so many pictures and carry lots of gear with you to shoot at Disney? I know I probably get a few crazy looks but it doesn't matter to me. When I can get results like this they can look at me all they want! I know many of my shots do not even...
  14. nngrendel

    Photopass Photographers

    I am not one to complain Disney. I think its one of the best vacations I take and love going there each and every time. I also cannot wait to get back! However I had a few shots taken by the photopass photographers this past trip and was just looking at a few shots. I was very disappointed...
  15. nngrendel

    Wait while I take a picture, I cant eat any more, NO KIDS! Sept 2012 Trip Report

    If you need a little background on me any my wife please visit my Pre Trip Report HERE. So with no more delay here it goes..... We had counted down from 344 days for our arrival day. Finally it was here and all was set. So we hit the road around 8am EST and headed I-75 Sound Bound!! Not...
  16. nngrendel

    Memories of Planning / Counting Down

    I cant believe I have 2 more days!! I am enjoying reading back on my countdown which started at 344. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/how-many-days-for-you-part-6.718194/page-198#post-4765306 Its funny to look back on everyone's countdowns. Now I see some have finished their countdowns and...
  17. nngrendel

    Pedicure at Disney compared to home

    Wife has been trying to decide if she wants to spend the $$ to go to The Spa and Saratoga Springs Resort. She wants to know how they compare to a Pedicure locally. Yes we know its Disney but is it really worth it? What extra do they do at Saratoga that you just cant get at home??
  18. nngrendel

    American Express in the Parks

    Easy question. Do they take AMEX inside the parks? I found a AMEX gift card that I received last Christmas and its like Christmas all over again. Just in time for my trip in 5 days. Just want to make sure they accept that card before I take it.
  19. nngrendel

    Lens to pack

    Been looking for months now on what lens I wanted to carry for my Sept trip. I been lucky to know a well know photography studio locally that I have been doing some side work for and they let me borrow a 16-35mm 2.8 today! So excited about using it. So now I have my 28-135 kit lens and my...
  20. nngrendel

    Pre trip stress

    On top of the pre trip stress of making sure I have all my documents together, everything paid and ready to go. Now we have another tropical wave out there that is almost for sure to turn into a depression today. Moving West Northwest and looking like it could affect our plans its just one...
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