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  1. DManRightHere

    Random Tid Bits of News

    We are at the parks this week and just wanted to post some things I have noticed and have not seen previously mentioned anywhere. First off, there is a Pizza Window at Via Napoli. I was quite excited when I came across this, they have 3 options of pizza by the slice and a couple other options...
  2. DManRightHere

    Hollywood Studios Special Event December 17th 2016

    I searched around and can not find what this is.
  3. DManRightHere

    Insight Wanted: WDW and US AP price difference?

    Disney and Universal seem to follow each other on price increases. Does anyone know the reason for such a large gap on out of state Annual Passes? We splurged and purchased Universal AP's for $250 and $320 (I think). Disney's comparable AP is $750 That is an average difference of $465 per...
  4. DManRightHere

    Have Disney fix TSA line problems, former senator suggests

    Sorry, I have another news article to share. I find this quite humorous. I'm hoping it is just sarcasm. Have Disney fix TSA line problems, former senator suggests http://www.wsoctv.com/news/trending-now/have-disney-fix-tsa-line-problems-former-senator-suggests/291810516
  5. DManRightHere

    Disney World honors 22-year-old day-pass ticket

    Just a nice little article I came across on my local news app. I thought I would share. Disney World honors 22-year-old day-pass ticket http://www.wsoctv.com/news/trending-now/disney-world-honors-22yearold-daypass-ticket/287501845
  6. DManRightHere

    Quick Service Steak

    I have noticed a couple QS restaurants have a New York Strip Steak on the menu. Has this been available for awhile? Has anyone had it?
  7. DManRightHere

    Are we getting to a point in time where rides/attractions will be routinely updated?

    The technology of newer rides seem much easier to make updates. I am speaking of the digital aspects. Changing video scenes and attraction vehicle movements. The scene updates for Star Tours took me by surprise and Disney did not seem to make a big fuss over it. I am wondering if theme parks...
  8. DManRightHere

    Mini Golf / Putt Putt: Disney, Universal, or somewhere else?

    We have not tried any of the mini golfs in the Orlando area. We are heading to Universal for the weekend and since they close so early we may try some mini golf at night. What/where do you feel has the best mini golf course? I've always wanted to try Fantasia Gardens, but I think it is closed...
  9. DManRightHere

    Different Park Tickets, Same Reservation.

    We are renting DVC points and have a party of 4. We are purchasing tickets through undercover tourist. Likely 2 of us will have 7 day park hopper. It wouldn't surprise me if the 3rd person in our party will want a 7 day without park hopper, and the 4th with maybe 3 day without park hopper...
  10. DManRightHere

    Disney Stock Market and D23

    I've been peaking at the stock every now and then. Ever since the expansion announcements Disney stock is drooping. Anyone have a guess how low it might go? Do you think this is directly related to the expansion announcements? I know today may be a different story, but it did seem to start...
  11. DManRightHere

    universal annual pass...

    We're considering an annual pass for 2016. 1 power pass (as we will not go in the summer or blackout dates) and 1 preferred pass (so we get free parking). We're planning on at least 4 trips, 3 park days each trip. Is this a sound plan, or am I missing something? Also, is the pass good from...
  12. DManRightHere

    Star wars weekends Drink Specials

    Ok, the past two years we have been to Star Wars Weekends and they had special mugs or buckets. Sold at manyoutside vendors and QS such as r2d2 mugs or popcorn buckets and sofrmtrooper mugs. Does anyone know if/what is available this year? We are not going, but my bro and sis in law might be...
  13. DManRightHere

    Disney World Chase Visa Premier $200 statement Credit is HOT

    I was just on the Disneyworld.com website, at the bottom of the page states $200 statement credit with $500 purchase within 3 months. It used to be a $200 gift card, I suppose a credit will be better if you save the money! Also note the annual fee is $49 and appears to not be waived. Just...
  14. DManRightHere

    2 day ticket, 2 day park hopper ticket, or 3 day ticket?

    My wife and I are planning to hop over to Disneyland at I believe is one of the worst times...Friday, June 5th - Monday June 8th. We are driving from Vegas to DL on Friday and driving back to Vegas on Monday. We've never been to Cali, and I'd at least like to hit Leo Carrillo State Park...
  15. DManRightHere

    So I saw this video and immediately thought it should be done at Disney..

    They get the rain...so many applications, maybe I am just easily amused. http://ab.weather.com/video/ordinary-sidewalk-until-it-rains-59250?collid=/weather/twc-weather
  16. DManRightHere

    POLL: Disney My Magic Experience

    I was just thinking of how divided the community was before MM+, so I wanted to see what type of results we would have on poll.
  17. DManRightHere

    Bar and Lounge Food

    Is there a complete list of bars and lounges with food menus, or other places that you can experience the restaurant without a reservation (or hefty food bill)? The places I've checked seem incomplete..
  18. DManRightHere

    To those who can redeem credit card points with Wal-Mart

    I noticed that walmarts holiday gift card pallets have Disney gift cards. I can not remember if you can buy gift cards with gift cards though.. I thought this may be helpful as I know some of my credit cards redeem walmart, but not Target (where you can buy gift card with gift card). Good...
  19. DManRightHere

    Is Harry Potter 2 a 2nd Charm?

    Sorry if the titles is terrible... Basically I'm afraid to search the web too mucj or especially in these forums for this question as I have not been to the expansion and I want NO spoilers.. Is the Harry Potter expansion causing a second draw of crowds? I would imagine it is not quite as...
  20. DManRightHere

    Name an attraction/ride that's better NOW than the past

    I'm trying to make some positivity here, but maybe the opposite. I pick dumbo off the top of my head.
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