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  1. LoriSue

    First trip..pass along must do's and secrets please

    I just wanted to throw in that I think that Cosmic Ray's is an excellent counter service location at MK, something for everyone for sure. Also, I didn't see it here but may have overlooked it; hte locker rentals are for the entire day; you need to keep your receipt so you get your key deposit...
  2. LoriSue

    Booking at Be Our Guest

    Hi All... Just wanted to share something I learned by accident today. My husband has surprised me with a trip arriving on New Year's Day. Belle being my favorite Princess, I wanted to have dinner here. I've been checking the site every day hoping for a cancellation and today I found it. The...
  3. LoriSue

    What part of an attraction would you pick to get stuck at?

    First time ever riding Nemo we got stuck in the tunnel with the bubbles, it took a while to realize that we had stopped moving and imagine my surprise when we rode it the next time and the tunnel wasn't a mile long. :p
  4. LoriSue

    Fat guys and attractions

    DH is just around 400 now, but at his heaviest was likely close to 450, he's worked really hard to bring it down but even at his heaviest, he never had problems riding anything at WDW and only one ride at DL. He rides most everything, including all of the thrill rides. Funny thing, really...
  5. LoriSue

    Edge and Vibe Clubs

    I know this isn't exactly in keeping with the question, but I have an 18 year old (as of March) and we're sailing on the Fantasy in 8 days {happy dance} I'm really concerned with the thought of her being in the same grouping as everyone over 18 and know that this is really going to "clip her...
  6. LoriSue

    1st time Disney Dream cruisers with questions...

    We did the catamaran and loved it, would do it again this next cruise but we are already doing 2 snorkeling excursions in other locations so we're just going to hang out on Serenity Bay this time. One thing we did do that we will definitely do again is buy snorkel snax. It comes in a tube...
  7. LoriSue

    What if the Expedition Everest car flew off the track?

    There IS the possibility if the Overtakers get ahold of it... ;)
  8. LoriSue

    WDW vs Disneyland

    I think the parks are like children. I love them equally yet differently. I love Disneyland because it is the original. The light is still on in Walt's apartment, Oscar is still working at the Carnation Cafe, the green bench that Walt sat on in the park is in town square. I do agree...
  9. LoriSue

    Disney reservation glitch

    Agreed. Even though I always make the ADR sometimes we want to change the time and I have never had trouble on site. Incidently, the counter service there is also SO good!
  10. LoriSue

    Swapping Resorts Mid Vacation?

    We do this some times, mostly due to DVC availability but I agree that Disney does do a great job of actually moving your things. I do prefer to stay where we start for the simple reason is that there is an impact to my time having to pack and unpack again and I prefer to spend every minute I...
  11. LoriSue

    24 hour premium ticket?

    I love the idea and would most likely depend on how limited the availability was. If it was open to whoever paid for it, I may not because of how many people you'd be competing with there. If it was a limited number like MNSSHP or MVMCP I definitely would.
  12. LoriSue

    When is the Fantasy due in to Port Canaveral?

    So, we're about a week outside of our next trip to WDW and we're renting a car, mostly so we can drive to Port Canaveral to see the Fantasy. When I called DCL, they said it was actually due in FL in February but that didn't work out so I was wondering if anyone knows when it will be in? I...
  13. LoriSue

    Favorite Meet and Greet Character

    We saw him at Rafiki's planet watch, it's one of my very favorite character pictures with my daughter.
  14. LoriSue

    How do you incorporate Disney in your life Everyday?

    So, I've been dying to find these, how did you get them?
  15. LoriSue

    Favorite Meet and Greet Character

    Chip and Dale are always a great time!
  16. LoriSue

    Attractions that you love that no one likes

    The one that sticks in my mind is Carousel of Progress. I have to do it a couple of times each trip and sometimes hear people complain about it, once I heard someone say it was like a bad episode of the Simpsons. Made me kinda sad, like someone saying your kid is ugly.
  17. LoriSue

    Price range of "additional costs"

    Congrats on the first cruise, you're going to have an amazing time!! We never strayed from the rotational dining so I'm not sure about the menu prices but I did find that there is a "cover charge" if you will of $20 per person for Remy and $75 plus $99 if you want wine pairings for Palo. The...
  18. LoriSue

    Unusual things you look forward to

    Having lunch with Sunny Eclipse The honking of the cars on Main Street Getting on the Monorail and hearing "Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas" The Pixie Dust sound when your Ticket is accepted at the turnstile
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