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  1. mikeymouse

    Despicable Me on Disney Channel??

    How does Disney have the rights to air Despicable Me on The Disney Channel? Its Universal and Universal even has an attraction in their parks about it. Its not Marvel so I'm confused.
  2. mikeymouse

    Dole Whips in PA

    I just got a pix message from my sister saying there is a Dole Whip place at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA and they are eating Dole Pineapple Whips at this very moment. Oh my, gonna to have to make a trip! That actually looks like a float.
  3. mikeymouse

    Walt Disney Railroad Inspiration

    So my fiancee is watching Bachelor Pad and the couple won a date at the Santa Margarita Ranch where they board a train which looks awfully familiar. Did some research and apparently this Pacific Coast Railroad inspired Walt in his love of trains and the Carolwood Pacific Railroad. The passenger...
  4. mikeymouse

    Doctor arrested for allegedly kicking son in face at Epcot

  5. mikeymouse

    Characters in Flight Closed?

    Hearing Characters in Flight has been shut down until further notice due to a helium shortage. http://meetthemagic.com/2012/07/01/closure-of-the-characters-in-flight-at-downtown-disney/
  6. mikeymouse

    CM's: Question on tickets

    My friend works at WDW and we have 6 people in our party that he was going to get tickets for at Company D prices. He only could get 2 annual passes. They wouldn't let him get the (2) 10-day Park Hopper and the (2) 7-day PH. Said they had to be 5-day tickets. Any idea why?
  7. mikeymouse

    How can you afford to stay on-site?

    I've tried to compare apples to apples, but its just not possible. There are 6 adults in our party plus 1 infant. We pay $120/night for a 3bdr/3bath pool home for 10 days. King/queen/twin beds. All amenities. With park tickets, ground transportation, and food/souveniers, its about $3000 per...
  8. mikeymouse

    Biergarten Question

    We have one out of 7 in our party who absolutely does not like Biergartens food. Is there any way she can join us or just have a drink without paying $30 for nothing?
  9. mikeymouse

    LMA Look-a-like Stunt Crash

    Found these clips online. Looks like they copied LMA. The accident occurred during the presentation on 11/21/2011. The both drivers are ok, especially Denis Borges who was driving the bike. Denis didn't suffer any injury or fracture, only the pain of the fall...
  10. mikeymouse

    World Showcase Transportation

    Anyone have a video of the Omnibuses that used to travel the promenade of the World Showcase? I thought these things were soooo cool back in the day, but my parents always wanted to walk instead of waiting for the next bus. For those who are too young to know, there used to be several buses in...
  11. mikeymouse

    MSEP Float Malfunction

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeLr72qZU6E I haven't seen this anywhere else yet, but ... check out this video from Jeff Lange. At around 3:45, one of Bumble Bee floats must have malfunctioned and the door was hanging wide open.
  12. mikeymouse

    Fantasmic: Home Edition

    Check this out. It's just awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DSDQcrAn5Y
  13. mikeymouse

    Last day 4 me ... New Stage in front of Sorcerer's Hat ??

    Is this stage new? Saw it today for the first time ... and on the last pic, wasn't there a GMR sign here too? http://picasaweb.google.com/ffemt250/WDW20090909?feat=directlink
  14. mikeymouse

    Some things from this week ...

    I'm not sure if any of these were mentioned or not, but ... The Villians Room at World of Disney in DTD is being refurbished until "Fall 2009". The fireworks have returned to the boat in Fantasmic! They shoot sparks downward instead of spinning. The paddlewheel was not functioning...
  15. mikeymouse

    Staying onsite vs offsite, even with free dining

    Can someone help me understand how most can afford to stay onsite? I'd like to try it once. We have never stayed onsite. I know some premium resorts go for $3,000/night. We have six in our party and usually split the cost of a pool home just off 192. 3 bedroom/3 bath/private pool/full...
  16. mikeymouse

    Grand Prix Raceway/Tomorrowland Speedway Audio

    Hello! I'm looking for clips of the spiels at the ole Grand Prix Raceway at WDW. One played while you were waiting to disembark. It said something like "Caution ... you're approaching the unloading area. Please slow down and do not strike the car ahead". The other was played in the queue...
  17. mikeymouse

    Credit/Debit Usage at the Parks ??? I forget!

    I can't remember if most places take credit/debit cards at WDW or not. ??? We used travelers cheques in '07 and they were a pain!!! Golden Corral wouldn't take them.
  18. mikeymouse

    New Mickey and Minnie Costumes?

    I haven't been able to find any discussion on this yet ... but what is with the new Mickey and Minnie costumes? Very neat! Their mouths and eyelids move. Any details??? Any other characters that can do this? I've never seen them before until yesterday while watching the Christmas Parade.
  19. mikeymouse

    What the heck? 2 riverboats in Rivers of America?

    Explain this pic please! It shows 2 riverboats and also there is what looks like a Tom Sawyer raft going down the river. ??? Pic looks semi-recent w/ SplM, etc.
  20. mikeymouse

    Center Rocket from Star Jets on eBay

    Check it out, pretty cool!!! http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/Rocket-from-Tomorrowland-Rocket-Jets-ride-Disneyland_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ52933QQihZ013QQitemZ230155439319QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW#
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