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  1. GeneralKnowledge

    Attraction Quotes Used Daily

    We all have favorite attraction quotes, but how many of them do you reference on a regular basis? In our family we use quite a few like: “You know that... I know that...” -Ellen “Fortunately the (insert subject here) suffered only minor damages” -Muppetvision I most recently used the...
  2. GeneralKnowledge

    Len Testa Crowd Analysis

    I just listened to a podcast from DISUnplugged featuring @lentesta discussing the crowds so far in 2018. I highly recommend listening to it, his information was very interesting. Apparently his wait time projections were significantly off for the start of 2018. Particularly, wait times in...
  3. GeneralKnowledge

    Notes & Observations 1/8/14

    I am in the world now and will be until late next week. I noticed a few things I wanted to relay back to the forum on our first day yesterday so I thought I'd start a thread I could add to. Crowds are moderate, but we managed to not wait more than 25 minutes for anything in the MK yesterday...
  4. GeneralKnowledge

    Disney Maid of Honor Speech

    My sister in law got married this past weekend and my wife was the Matron of Honor. She wrote a remake of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid titles "They Got Married." I thought some fellow Disney fans would get a kick out of it so I thought I'd post the video on here.
  5. GeneralKnowledge

    2013 Half Marathon Course

    I notice they still haven't posted the course for the 2013 Half Marathon. Is it likely that they would change it from last year's course?
  6. GeneralKnowledge

    Lesser Known Treasures of Disney Dining

    Over the years, my family has eaten at all of the big name restaurants in WDW, Cali Grill, Ohana, Everything in World Showcase, etc. Dining is a key part of our trip. We enjoy eating out and try to get around to our favorite restaurants. This year we're trying to expand to some of the lesser...
  7. GeneralKnowledge

    Bodysurfing at Typhoon Lagoon

    I was just at Typhoon Lagoon on Tuesday and have to say I had a grand old time bodysurfing in wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon. I could literally stay in that pool all day and not get sick of it and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way. I've been surfing for most of my life, about 20...
  8. GeneralKnowledge

    Haunted Elevator @ the Boardwalk

    Just got back from a good 10 days at WDW. During the trip, we had three interesting things happen on the elevator at the BW Villas. 1. Emptyvator As we were approaching the elevator area from the Lobby, there was a man ahead of us. As we came up to the elevators, he got on the left elevator...
  9. GeneralKnowledge

    Alien Encounter Cast

    So I was just sucked into a session of surfing IMDB and ended up on Tim Curry's page. Remembering his performance as S.I.R. In Alien Encounter, I decided to scroll through and see if it was listed on IMDB. Low and behold it was. Upon further examination, I discovered that AE actually had quite a...
  10. GeneralKnowledge

    20 years of Splash Mountain

    Today, Disney World is celebrating 20 years of Splash Mountain. What they should be celebrating is 20 years of being the worlds most visited theme park without adding a single E ticket. How long do you think they can keep up that record?
  11. GeneralKnowledge

    Disney Xmas Gift Ideas

    I'm curious to know if anyone has given or received any cool Disney World related presents? I'm thinking things that true disney fans would appreciate.
  12. GeneralKnowledge

    Another Favor to ask

    Fellow board members. My fiancee and I are trying to start a business in the greater Philadelphia area. Right now, we are in the stage of doing market research to determine the demand for a business that sells energy efficiency products for the home. If any of you have a minute or two to...
  13. GeneralKnowledge

    Smackin' Possum on BTMRR

    Anybody else like smackin' the possum on BTMRR?
  14. GeneralKnowledge

    American Idol Attraction a bit too Late

    http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/tv/la-et-channel21apr21,1,4430265.story This article talks about how the ratings for American Idol have been dwindling this season. Does anyone else agree that Disney is building the new show a tad too late?
  15. GeneralKnowledge

    TL Wave Pool Malfunctions

    I was at TL yesterday. I spent a lot of time bodysurfing in the wave pool. Several times throughout the day after a wave would come, some wood would come out as well. The lifeguards would have to go in and pull out the floating timbers. The biggest one I saw was a 2x4 that was about 3 feet...
  16. GeneralKnowledge

    Riding Segways For FREE @ Epcot

    I was at Epcot today and got to ride a Segway for free. It's retty cool. It is really an indescribable feeling to just zoom along. Also, the line wasn't very long for it, I only waited for about 15 minutes. You get to do a 360 deree spin, go down a lane that is about 10 yards long, then turn...
  17. GeneralKnowledge

    GMR Ending Movie

    I did a search to see if anyone has posted about this, but I didn't find anything. If I missed something bring on the flaming lol. Anyway, i just got back from a chilly visit to MGM this evening and between runs on ToT, I took a spin on the GMR for kicks. I was surprised to find the...
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