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  1. LoriSue

    Booking at Be Our Guest

    Hi All... Just wanted to share something I learned by accident today. My husband has surprised me with a trip arriving on New Year's Day. Belle being my favorite Princess, I wanted to have dinner here. I've been checking the site every day hoping for a cancellation and today I found it. The...
  2. LoriSue

    When is the Fantasy due in to Port Canaveral?

    So, we're about a week outside of our next trip to WDW and we're renting a car, mostly so we can drive to Port Canaveral to see the Fantasy. When I called DCL, they said it was actually due in FL in February but that didn't work out so I was wondering if anyone knows when it will be in? I...
  3. LoriSue

    How Do You Countdown the Days??

    So, we're making our annual Spring Break trip and I just finished our calendar. I make one every trip to count down the days we have left. I used my Cricut (One of my very favorite toys) to make the letters and numbers and also the Mickey heads to cover the number as the days get smaller...
  4. LoriSue

    March MK EMH

    Hi All... I am planning our dining for Spring Break and was checking the EMH and was surprised to see that, according to DisneyWorld.com, there are NO EMH during March 9 through March 14 at Magic Kingdom. I checked the operating hours here and it is showing evening hours on the 11th. Does...
  5. LoriSue

    Personal Navigator

    Hi All... I just wanted to share something I learned on my cruise in July. I will preface this by saying this was my very first cruise. Ever. I kept hearing to check with your personal navigator to find out about your dinner schedules and things like that. So, our whole cruise I kept...
  6. LoriSue

    Edge on the Dream

    Hi All... Was hoping for some info here. We just returned from our cruise on the Dream. It was our first cruise and my daughter is an only child so I was worried about who she'd have to hang out with. She was in Vibe every night and if it wasn't for dinner I would have never seen her. They...
  7. LoriSue

    Dream Cruise July 19

    Hi All.... This is going to be our very first cruise, so excited that it's a Disney Cruise. Being the Disney Junkies that we are, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's my DH, myself and my 17 year old daughter. I'm little concerned that when she goes off to do the teen activities onboard...
  8. LoriSue

    It's Finally Here!!!

    So, here I am... about 7 hours away from our flight to the World. I'm all packed, the dogs are at the kennel, I have my mani/pedi (complete with Mickey Heads, mind you). We have 10 full days as well as a few hours the last day and are staying at WL for most of the trip, finishing at Bay Lake...
  9. LoriSue

    Road Trip!!

    Hey All... We're getting ready for our trip in 47 days, driving for the first time. I'm starting to get stuff together as opposed to buying it all at once and got to thinking.. what do you have to have on a road trip? I need orange slices and sunflower seeds (the seeds for when I start to get...
  10. LoriSue

    Bus or Drive from Hotel to Park?

    Hi All... Was hoping to get some input from you. This coming July will be the first time we're going to be driving so have a choice between driving and taking the parking tram or taking the bus. We're going to be staying at Old Key West. I'm not so much concerned with the safety of the busses...
  11. LoriSue

    TTA Refurb

    Hi All... Living in NM we go to Disneyland more then WDW simply because of the fact that we can drive there in less than a day. Anyway, one of my very favorite things in WDW that is not in Disneyland is TTA. I initially heard that it was going to be up and down during SM refurb. Does anyone...
  12. LoriSue

    Too Much Like Donald??

    Okay, so I was really hoping to get some input here. Maybe I'm too much like Donald in some respects and was wondering if this is something other people get annoyed with or I just need to get over it. Granted, there isn't anything I can actually DO about it but would feel a little better if it...
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