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  1. MKCP 1985

    When at Walt Disney World, are you a Guest or a Customer?

    People employed at Walt Disney World (Cast) are trained that the paying public are to be referred to as guests, not customers. Disney then touts this training to the public so that they expect to be made to feel special in a way different than the way they are treated as customers elsewhere...
  2. MKCP 1985

    D23 Magazine and Club

    After a second straight magazine with no gift for member subscribers and no editor in chief listed for the magazine, I have come to the opinion D23 is not living up to the classic standards of giving more than is expected. In my opinion, having the Disney Store manage subscriptions and...
  3. MKCP 1985

    Fixing Villains Unleashed

    Having just returned home from traveling to attend the inaugural ( and hopefully annual) Villains Unleashed event at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park - and being overwhelmed with social media comments, I offer this thread to the powers that be and the members of these forums to help Disney...
  4. MKCP 1985

    Rare Characters Extravaganza

    The Disney Parks Blog has three photos and a link to a 2 minute video today from the Opening Ceremonies Parade at Walt Disney World. The black and white photos (because apparently the world was in black and white in 1971, although I don't remember it that way) depict such rare Winnie the Pooh...
  5. MKCP 1985

    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - Contest

    A local medical clinic has sponsored a bra decorating contest to raise awareness of the American Cancer Society's efforts to find a cure for breast cancer. The 17 entries are in a public album, so go over and click "like" on your favorite(s). The real winner of the contest will be the ACS...
  6. MKCP 1985

    Holiday Surprise Announcement From Run Disney

    While we all remember the way the hype led up to the Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon to some people's elation and others' disappointment (me!), Run Disney is again alerting us to the fact of an upcoming announcement set for December 21: From the Run Disney Facebook page: Christmas...
  7. MKCP 1985

    Running Through New Fantasyland and Pandora

    With today's surprise news of the Disney's Animal Kingdom Park taking on an expansion to create James Cameron's Avatar vision of a mythical planet, it looks like Disney Marathon runners will have more than just a Fantasyland expansion to look forward to in future years. I'd already figured...
  8. MKCP 1985

    Donald Duck Replaced by Chip n Dale at Epcot Character Spot?

    Today's story on the Epcot Character Spot at the Disney blog: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/epcot/entertainment/epcot-character-spot/?CMP=SOC-DPFY11Q2TwitterDisneyParks31-01-11@0015 If you read down, it says what we all know: The Epcot Character Spot is an animation-style meeting...
  9. MKCP 1985

    Things You Don't See Every Day Running at Disney

    Just a few photos of some things rare, unusual or not seen in a while experienced on Marathon weekend: Zorro! How about a vintage car collection? 2 Caballeros - Jose, where's your cigar? Panchito, where are your guns? I am disappointed my photo of the Spaceship Earth hot air balloon...
  10. MKCP 1985

    Walt Disney & Salvador Dali "Destino" in Fantasia Blu Ray Package

    Did anyone else get the Fantasia Blu Ray package as a holiday gift? The Blu Ray set contains the Walt Disney / Salvador Dali collaboration "Destino," which Roy Disney pushed for release and was, I believe, nominated for an Academy Award. Have you seen this film? Goodness gracious! By...
  11. MKCP 1985

    Early Concept Art for the Disney MGM Studios Park

    In the summer of 1985, the announcement was made of Disney's intentions to build the park that became what is now known as the Disney Hollywood Studios park. You might be surprised to learn that its name at the time of the announcement was not the "Disney MGM Studios Park." Instead, they...
  12. MKCP 1985

    Origins of Disney Running

    I was looking through scrapbooks from my cast member days of the mid 80s and ran across a page in the June 21, 1985 "Disney Newsreel," prepared by and for the employees of Walt Disney Productions (employees! gasp!) Anyway, the title was "Jog With Jiminy . . . The Road to Health" and...
  13. MKCP 1985


    Their logo is pretty cool, and Disney is all about making money. If you question that, just look at the cost of registration for the Goofy Challenge. So the question is, why is there no place to purchase runDisney logo wear?
  14. MKCP 1985

    Inaugural 2010 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Race Report

    Several runners were interested but not able to attend this inaugural race, so I am going to start this thread, include my observations as a "casual runner" and I encourage anyone else to contribute their experiences so that this isn't just one person's opinions. I flew down just for this race...
  15. MKCP 1985

    Memorial Day Kicking off the Unofficial Beginning of Summer

    Just a note of remembrance for the MKCP summer class of 1985 - 25 years ago this weekend. :D Disney had all 400 of us report on June 1 for two days of training, followed by assignments into our positions in either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot Center. We were paid minimum wage of $3.35 per...
  16. MKCP 1985

    What is Your Favorite Disney Endurance Race Perk?

    For me, after all the years of rushing from place to place inside and out of Disney World parks, just having a chance to run through the parks with the blessing of the powers that be is a huge perk, but I have given you other options. :D
  17. MKCP 1985

    Would You Support Unique Main Street USA Shops if Staffed by Third Party Vendors?

    Interesting thread in the Disneyland forum: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?p=3769587 In essence, Mouseplanet reports the long standing Magic Shop was threatened with closure, but micechat reports the store will remain. The catch is that it will be staffed with third party employees...
  18. MKCP 1985

    I Just Got CarJacked and Stuffed Into My Trunk - I'm Going to Disney World

    okaaaaay . . . http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,522469,00.html from foxnews.com: A Pennsylvania mom found at Walt Disney World after claiming she and her 9-year-old daughter were abducted by two men and stuffed into a car trunk, allegedly conned a co-worker out of her identification...
  19. MKCP 1985

    Free Lecture - Jack Blitch, v.p. of Disney Imagineering

    Tonight at 7:00 p.m. here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast: Join Jack Blitch, vice president of Disney Imagineering and developer of some of the most popular Disney attractions, resorts and Disney Studios products, as he explains the Disney Imagineering process, reviews some of Disney’s...
  20. MKCP 1985

    Mount Disneymore

    Most people here know of Mount Rushmore, a carving of four of the United States' influential presidents on the side of a mountain cliff face in South Dakota. Perhaps more people here know of the "Fab Five" Disney characters. My question to you is, if Walt Disney World were to create a replica...
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