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  1. Thunder Kz

    A New Beginning

    I can make out the songs for the starting heats of the 10k from the Ft. Wilderness Cabins. I wonder what it sounds like from the Poly. Tonight's gonna be a good night...tonight's gonna be a good night
  2. Thunder Kz

    UFO Sighting: Disney Drones

    Last night (1/19/14), we entered the MK around 7PM. After walking through the train station, I turned around to look at the train and saw a "drone" flying above the entrance/train station area. It was already dark, so I couldn't really make out what it looked like, but it appeared to be a...
  3. Thunder Kz

    Toys Disney should make!

    Ever gone to a Resort store or the Emporium and thought.... "You know, if Disney made xxxxx, I'd definitely buy it!"?? I do it all the time, so I thought i'd start a list. (Please bump if needed): Cast iron WDW Boats...they make packs of busses and attraction vehicles, what about resort...
  4. Thunder Kz

    Best Music and Podcasts

    So, what are your favorite Disney music stations and podcasts, and why? Here's my list: Podcasts WedWay Radio - great show, anyone know why these guys have been so quiet lately? :shrug: WDW Radio - anyone done the cruise? Running club? BetaMouse - RIP...great show...if you never caught a...
  5. Thunder Kz

    Sewing the names into Mouse Ears

    All, I was trying to explain to someone how names got sewed into Ears. I remember them flipping the Ears inside out and sewing the name in reverse at Chapeau. However, I thought they switched it to computer assisted sewing now. Does anyone know if the still do it by hand anywhere? If not...
  6. Thunder Kz

    Disney Comic Books

    I did a search and didn't see this anywhere, so I thought I'd post it. We stayed at POR last weekend. While walking through the store, we found this: Not a great picture, but it's an end cap filled with what appears to be Disney comic books! It's a locked glass cabinet, and the various...
  7. Thunder Kz

    Snow at Disney

    Does anyone have pictures of real snow at WDW? I saw that Blizzard is closed due to freezing temps, which made me wonder if anyone has pics of snow there or anywhere else in the World. I remember seeing one of Thunder last year. Thanks for any submissions,:xmas: and happy holidays!
  8. Thunder Kz

    Characters in Flight Photos

    A place to see and share CIF photos. For those who are looking for an adventure, are looking for something different, or want to experience the magic from a new perspective, CIF is well worth it. Anyone gotten night photos yet?
  9. Thunder Kz

    Vissell and Disney

    Awhile back, I was in the Art of Disney Store, and I saw a series of paintings by Amanda Vissell. Great paintings, and very different. If anyone knows what this technique is called, please let me know: http://www.amandavisell.com/ (See artwork section) And...
  10. Thunder Kz

    Walk in to Casting?

    Can a person just walk into Casting and get an interview? Anybody have any insight?!
  11. Thunder Kz


    Does anyone know what the construction is between Osprey and Fort Wilderness? I'm hoping it's something more than another DVC area!
  12. Thunder Kz


    I'm sure many of you have already seen these things. Unfortunately, they are incredibly expensive. Has anyone attempted their own? We're working on an Adventurer's Club one now, and any tips/suggestions would be appreciated...
  13. Thunder Kz

    Attention to Detail - Haunted Mansion

    While at MK this past weekend, we noticed something I'd never seen before. At the Haunted Mansion, the queue line sign read 13 minutes (rather than 10 or 15). Unfortunately, it was nighttime so our picture didn't turn out. Keep an eye out for it, if you haven't already seen it!
  14. Thunder Kz

    Beer bottles and gang fights not your thing?

    After swearing not to go to Universal/IOA again following 2007's Horror Night experience, I unfortunately had to go to City Walk last weekend to meet some relatives. On the plus side, I'll say this, parking was free and Pat O'Brien's is a good time. The good ends there. After using sonar to...
  15. Thunder Kz

    Controversial Statement of the Week

    Food Rocks was better than Soarin', hands down. Discuss.
  16. Thunder Kz

    Best Drinks in the World

    A review of TEN of the finest drinks WDW has to offer. My wife disagrees with the order, but we agree on the selections! 10. MYSTERY DRINK (O'Hana, Polynesian) Ok, we start with a mystery drink. It comes in a pineapple. It's got 151 in it, which you can't taste, pineapple...
  17. Thunder Kz

    Mickey's Not-So-Scary

    Anyone been to this? Is it worth going to if you don't have kids? Seems like a lot of money, and the list of activities doesn't seem too extensive. Thoughts?
  18. Thunder Kz

    Adventurer's Hope?

    Last weekend (Saturday), my wife and I went to P.I. Before some of you sensitive-type / anti-Adventurer's Club members get worked up, I think we can all agree that P.I. as we know it is gone. BUT, consider this: FULL REPORT: First, this Saturday, P.I. was packed (see #241 Save the...
  19. Thunder Kz

    George Lucas Update

    What would be good updates for Indiana Jones and Start Tours? I think we can all agree Star Tours needs a facelift, and this is perfect timing to consider an Indiana Jones change. But, to all of you creative and informed members, what would the changes be? STAR TOURS Rip it out and start...
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