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  1. bjlc57

    no more pearls?

    I heard last night that they are closing the live pearl store in Disney Springs.. I was very committed to buy a pearl in Japan next year for each of my Grandchildren.. does any one know will they close that aspect of the department store in Epcot as well? I hope not.. its entertaining and like a...
  2. bjlc57

    wouldn't this be the best time for construction on WDW?

    okay the parks are now closed for a number of weeks. .Wouldn't this be the best time for disney to bring in a pile of construction crews and get a whole lot of some thing done? no guests under foot. .no worry about noise limitations .. no worries about most any thing and you probably don't have...
  3. bjlc57

    want to get a personal autographed photo..

    i have a great phone taken of me and Mickey at Tusker house.. from our last trip. I want to have Mickey autograph it and get it back to me.. how can i send this in and get it signed and sent to me..
  4. bjlc57

    thinking about leaving this site..

    hi all .. I am a long time member of this site.. due to financial strains...( we just spent our Disney money on unexpected bills) ..We are not going to Disney next year.. and so.. since i get so emotional about Disney and going to Disney.. I am thinking about cutting way back my activity on this...
  5. bjlc57

    Disney outlet store closing..

    i frequent the Disney outlet store in Wisconsin Dells.. We drove 90 miles, one way there, last night, only to find out that the store will be closing Aug 19th.. We were shocked.. this store was " owned by Disney.." sold from Disney and repurchased by Disney over the past 20 some years.. it...
  6. bjlc57

    festival of Nations Fountain.. threads disappear..

    wow.. at least two different threads about this fountain have disappeared.. I just don't want to see it go.. its a big mistake..
  7. bjlc57

    has any one noticed that the Millennium Falcon at WDW is wrong..

    has any one noticed that for the last few movies and at WDW the Millennium Falcon shown at Disney is incorrect.. the falcon has or had a round Satellite dish.. and the one at WDW has a oblong dish on the top..
  8. bjlc57

    Disney is going to price us out of the Kingdom..

    for the past three months we were in deep discussion of buying annual passes and going twice in the next two years.. it would have been two years since our last visit.. but Yesterday Disney dropped the bomb on us.. the raise in prices was unbelievable.. my sister and brother in law make over...
  9. bjlc57

    do you think the 50th Birthday celebration will start before Oct 2021

    we have been talking about the 50th Birthday celebration and going to WDW during that year.. but do you really believe they will wait until October of 21 to start the party or will they say this the "year of the 50th" .. and keep that going for basically 2 years.. please hard facts and no...
  10. bjlc57

    Christmas disappointment ....

    we all know that Disney can " do anything." and so three years ago when I was there for Christmas, I was shocked and disappointed not to find and " LIVE or REAL Christmas trees.. ' it was all fake and plastic and not very Disney.. if they can have a real tree in Rockerfeller square in New...
  11. bjlc57

    simple economic rules.

    if I remember my X and Y economic diagrams.. in an open business competition ( unlike the Electric company or the Gas company , and most towns , Cable) the way things work , is if you raise your price the less product that you sell. .Yet, Disney is complaining and laying off cast members...
  12. bjlc57

    does anyone ride the astro orbitor?

    I have a giant confession to make.. I have never.. ever ridden the Astro orbitor.. I even looked at it last week while I was there.. but I have never done that ride.. ( nor have i ever visited Tom Sawyer's Island.. ).. I am sinful.. I confess .. but does any one here ever ride the orbitor.. I...
  13. bjlc57

    what happened to Have a Magical Day?

    I have just gotten back from 6 days at WDW.. .and while the staff was outstanding and courteous and outgoing and friendly.. One thing was missing.. No More " Have a Magical Day".. and I was shocked.. I always look forward to having a magical day in the parks.. and I work in a call center and...
  14. bjlc57

    Trip Report some of the uugghhh!!..

    We just got back from six park days and two travel days at WDW.. I hurt my knee about 6 weeks ago.. and could not walk well.. so there were two of us in scooters.. I was some what disappointed that we did not get the "king special needs rooms" that we previously had at Pop.. the.. room was...
  15. bjlc57

    its gonna rain all week.. when do they put up the dome..

    Well kids , I am just about on my way to WDW.. and I am excited.. and i have cried many times.. and I am not yet on the plane.. I wish that my grandchild was coming but he is only 2 and it will be too much for him.. so I am going on a RECON mission.. to learn all the stuff that we never do...
  16. bjlc57

    how to thank a great cast member..

    recently we got some super service from Guest services over the phone.. How can we thank them and know that it gets to them and their supervisor.. Because this guy went above and beyond for us.. plus it always seems that we have one or two cast members each trip that go beyond their service for...
  17. bjlc57

    cannot get a fastpass for Toystory Mania..

    We just came under our 60 days out for fast passes.. and we could not get a fast pass for Toy story Mania any day of our trip.. is it going to be closed? we will be there the last two weeks of May..
  18. bjlc57

    need to get to AKL from Pop..

    it looks like we will have reservations at Boma for Breakfest one morning.. and i need to get to AKL from Pop century.. how do I do it? Do I have to go to a park just to get there? please help.. btw.. my wife has a scooter.. if that makes a difference..
  19. bjlc57

    Frozen Sing along..

    two plus years ago.. we went to a Frozen Sing along in what used to be "do you want to be a millionaire area..or at least I think it was.. It was a laugh riot .. but we cannot find it listed at this time.. anyone have any info on this ..?
  20. bjlc57

    Sam's club $500 Disney gift card price raise..

    Hi gang.. in anticipation of our upcoming Disney trip , we went to Sam's club tonight to buy $500 gift cards for the reduced rate.. However. as we were in line the Sam's club manager came over and stated that the price of these cards was going up another $5.. well the last time that we went to...
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