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  1. bigorangeandy

    Thinking about a 2022 trip with two little ones. When would you go?

    I would go in February, the crowds will be lower. As your children grow older and they are in school, you will likely be limited to the summer break so they will get there fill of summer trips. Unless the weather is very cold for Florida, the pools should be open (and they are heated) and the...
  2. bigorangeandy

    Water park question

    We always wear some type of footwear. I usually wear my Tevas, my wife will wear flip flops or sandals. One thing that now matter what you wear, or don't wear, put sunscreen on the tops of your feet and reapply often! Walking around the parks with sunburned feet is not fun. Unless your feet are...
  3. bigorangeandy

    News WDW loses Pop Warner to Universal and Camping World Stadium

    Hopefully it will work out best the the players and cheerleaders, as the games and competition are for them. We would plan not to be at Disney during these events as we tried to stay away from known (at least to us) large events. We did arrive a time or two as the championship week was ending...
  4. bigorangeandy

    Which park on which day?

    Magic Kingdom is typically more crowded on Weekends. Back when EMH were around we use to go the the park that had the EMH the day prior.
  5. bigorangeandy

    Dress Code help

    I've worn some nice shorts and polo's at Cali, and similar at Le Cellier and never felt that I was standing out for being under dressed.
  6. bigorangeandy

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    796 days, still more than two years. It will be sooner if I win the lottery.
  7. bigorangeandy

    What effect has Covid have on the 50th anniversary

    We had planned for either a late 2021 or late 2022 visit as our next trip. I would expect that if not much is going on for the 50th we will wait till 2022. Our plans are to get annual passes again, so we will get several trips over the year.
  8. bigorangeandy

    Will the Pandemic Curb the Price Increases?

    I don't think you will see decreases in prices on the top line. I expect to see the more you stay the bigger the discount. Such as stay 4 nights, get the 5th for free, buy a 4 day ticket, get a extra day for no charge. Free dinning for more of the year.
  9. bigorangeandy

    Week before Christmas crowds

    The crowds will be large, with each day increasing. The one thing you will notice versus the summer is that the weather will not be hot and humid. The Christmas decorations will help to put most everyone in a Christmas spirit and make for a great trip. Make sure to book your ADR's at the 180 day...
  10. bigorangeandy

    Disney world summer vs December trip...

    I would take the crowds over the heat. If you are looking at going the week prior to Christmas, expect the crowds to build some everyday till Christmas. If you plan and get moving early each morning, you can get a lot done even with crowds. The Christmas decorations and all make such as...
  11. bigorangeandy

    Mother's day in Disney :)

    May is a great time, the summer crowds have not arrived spring break crowds are gone and the humidity isn't at peak summer levels. I think it will be plenty warm for your trip.
  12. bigorangeandy

    Fuel Rod swaps now $3 at WDW

    I bought one because my phone was dead at Disneyworld. I've swapped it a few times over the years, I guess now I'll just charge it in the room and carry it with me.
  13. bigorangeandy

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    DAYS TO GO!!!!
  14. bigorangeandy

    Best time to go in November/December?

    We are going December 7-14, we like the cooler temps and I enjoy the Christmas shows at Epcot. I know the crowds will be as bad or worse that we normally have in the first half of December. I'm hoping that by going to MK on party nights we will have lower crowds and non party nights we will be...
  15. bigorangeandy

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    DAYS, or 10 weeks!
  16. bigorangeandy

    March 20th-28th or May 22nd-30th? Please Help!

    I would tend to the end of May, crowds should be lower as most schools will still be finishing up while your at DW. The Memorial Day weekend will bring more crowds, but mostly for that weekend. We have done the last of May twice and the crowds were not bad, but we did notice the difference in...
  17. bigorangeandy

    Just curious to hear from others... what do you bring into the parks and what do you bring it in? crossbody, backapck, pockets?

    I carry the backpack that has a few bottles of water, ponchos, my wife's sun hat, first aid stuff, dish towel, pens, a few packs of lemon (my wife doesn't like the taste of the local water), usually some buttons, snacks., and if its cool a jacket or sweatshirt. If we are going in the late...
  18. bigorangeandy

    Is Thanksgiving celebrated at WDW?

    Lunch on Thanksgiving Day at the Whispering Canyon Cafe in Wilderness Lodge has had the traditional Thanksgiving meal. It had turkey, ham, pork, and all the sides. As a bonus you can wonder around Wilderness Lodge and look at the Christmas decorations once you are done with your meal.
  19. bigorangeandy

    How to handle the Wet and Rain?

    I always tried to have us go just prior to heading back to the room for a break, so if we got wet we wouldn't be hours walking in the parks.
  20. bigorangeandy

    Driving vs bus to parks

    Now with the app having when the bus will arrive at the resort it makes it easier for us to decide. If the bus is a few minutes away, we will ride the bus, if its 15 minutes or more, we drive (except for MK, that's always the bus).
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