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  1. tonganprince

    MVMCP Plan

    Hey gang. We are going to the final party on 12/22. Does anyone have a good plan to follow? I don't want to just wing it.
  2. tonganprince

    black box over photos

    Sorry if I missed a previous thread on this. Whenever I click on photos there is a black box in my way when on my android phone. Has anyone seen this and know a fix? It is a Samsung Galaxy nexus and I am using Dolphin. Thanks
  3. tonganprince

    Coming for 2 days!

    Hello all. Unexpected trip to Naples coming up a in couple weeks so I convinced the wife to take the kids to WDW for a couple of days. We are not going to get park hoppers for the first time in history of us. Thinking Day 1 - MK Day 2 - DHS We are going to be there 2/10 and 2/11...
  4. tonganprince

    Star Tours

    Hello. Question. My 4 year old is obsessed with Star Wars, and want to ride Star Tours. He is 39 inches tall and the height restriction is 40 inches. What are the odds that they will make an exception for an inch? We are going this week.
  5. tonganprince


    Why do threads that I've never opened end up on different pages, and not on the first post? TP
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