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  1. RAXIP

    Pirates Queue Modifications

    I went of Pirates of the Caribbean this afternoon and discovered that all of the construction scrims and plywood doors were gone. The queue has been modified slightly and the two separate sides now meet on the new wooden dock. Currently the lines are still separated, divided by a rope across the...
  2. RAXIP

    New Addition to Jedi Training Academy at DHS

    This week a new segment was introduced at the Jedi Training Academy. It takes place during the final confrontation with Darth Vader. Here's a video of it: During the final confrontation with Darth Vader the Padawan and Jedi use the Force Push on Vader and the Stormtroopers. Darth Maul:
  3. RAXIP

    New Jedi Training Academy show schedule

    There are some changes coming to the Jedi Training Academy show schedule at Hollywood Studios. The current schedule is: 9:55am, 10:50, 11:45, 12:40pm, 1:30, 2:20, 4:00, 4:45 (for a total of eight shows). Starting on March 27, the 9:55am show will move to 10:00am. On days ONLY when Fantasmic...
  4. RAXIP

    New PhotoPass Option at Space Mountain

    Beginning on June 28, 2010, Guests will have new options for their photos from the Space Mountain® Attraction. The three product options available to the Guests are: Purchase their photo as a print. A variety of print sizes and packages are available. These prints will be made directly by...
  5. RAXIP

    Bolt and Jessie visit Hollywood Studios thru May 14

    While Muppet•Vision is closed for refurbishment (4/24-5/14) Jessie from Toy Story and Bolt from Bolt will be meeting with Guests near the entrance to Muppets. Appearances are intermittent and subject to change. Green Army Men will also patrol the area intermittently.
  6. RAXIP

    New Studio Catering Company Menu

    Studio Catering Co. re-opens March 22nd.
  7. RAXIP

    Character Changes Coming to DHS Sunday 1/10

    The following character changes will take effect this Sunday (Jan 10, 2010): As previously posted Prince Caspian will no longer be meeting Guests (Saturday 1/9 will be his last day) Daisy will be joining Donald at the Sorcerer Hat in the morning Mr Incredible will appear with Frozone in...
  8. RAXIP

    Starting today you can now get Mike and Sulley's autographs at DHS

    Up until now Guests were unable to get autographs from the Monsters Inc characters. A new time clock was just installed at the meet an greet location at Hollywood Studios that will stamp Guests autograph books with Mike and Sulley's autographs.
  9. RAXIP

    New Character Attendant costumes starting in November

    Starting November 9th Character Attendants will no longer be sporting the current white, yellow and black costumes. Instead all Attendants will have “swimming pool blue” shirts (long & short sleeved) and kaki pants or shorts (w/o cargo pockets) Farewell Mickey: The most similar costume...
  10. RAXIP

    Character changes for "Fantasmic!" meet & greets @ DHS

    Starting tomorrow (10/4) the following characters will no longer be appearing regularly for the "Fantasmic!" sets in the Magic of Disney Animation at DHS: Max (Goofy's son) Gov. Radcliffe Prince John, Friar Tuck & The Sheriff of Nottingham Foulfellow & Gideon (I think) The following...
  11. RAXIP

    Happy Birthday Azerin!

    Happy Birthday Jon!!! May It Be Full Of Exciting Adventure!
  12. RAXIP

    Happy Birthday spectropluto!!

    Happy Birthday T!!
  13. RAXIP

    Dream Along With Mickey

    I just finished uploading my TEST video of Dream Along w/ Mickey to YouTube. I shot it over four performances last Monday (7/21) It's really shaky (you try holding a camcorder still over your head for 20 minuets:brick:) and there are quite a few heads that get in the way. I also did not get all...
  14. RAXIP

    WALL*E Merchandise at DTD

    We got some new WALL*E merchandise at DTD this week. You can check out all the pics here on flickr.
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