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  1. Yvonne C

    5 yr old b-day and my anniversary in Disney world

    If you call 407-939-2329 you can order things sent to the room or a table while you dine. Also, if you do a dinner show, let them know you want a candle on the dessert. We did that about two years ago and our whole area sang happy birthday to my son!
  2. Yvonne C

    California Grill fireworks viewing

    You can also step outside (which is nice IMHO) then go right back in. It's gorgeous on a clear warm day!!!! Or try Narcoossee's!
  3. Yvonne C

    What's the best WDW secret you know?

    OMG these are great! We asked if our son could have a tour at the Animal Kingdom (Of the resort) and they gave us one (even before I became a Disney travel Planner). That is my best secret . We ask for tours all the time now, if they have time, they will do one.
  4. Yvonne C

    Early or Late May?

    From personal experience, early is way better. Less crowds and weather is more stable. I just had a guest come back this weekend and said "April, never again!" they preferred early May too. I already started on May of 2016 for her!
  5. Yvonne C

    Late August vs. September?

    OMG - Food and wine time --- SO MUCH FUN!! If you choose that, go to Epcot during the week because it's less crowed. I book more guests for that time of year than any other! Plus so many more discounts come out for Set than summer! Locals come fri- sun ... Hope that helps.
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