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  1. FmrWDWFX

    "Timeless Disney", a thing of the recent past?

    I agree @bUU, I also believe It’s the old “Who Moved My Cheese?” thing. By nature, humans are resistant to change. Therefore it’s uncomfortable for most folks to embrace something new as a future reflection of nostalgia ... what you said.
  2. FmrWDWFX

    Fountains near Journey to Imagination

    Great article! I wonder if Imagineering contracted with WET for the new interactive water area Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.”
  3. FmrWDWFX

    FoP Queue

    If the internal structure was built with Delryn, or the liquid was something that would prevent oxidization - perhaps a thin sewing machine or clock-makers oil - it’s quite possible to avoid rust. The other consideration is mass / density and buoyancy all of which can be easily compensated for.
  4. FmrWDWFX

    Artificial wooden railing

    Without seeing the actual element, I’m going to go with molded fiberglass for this one. ;)
  5. FmrWDWFX


    @Lowtide_Lou, There were multiple occasions we provided breathing apparatus to characters in the past. I’m not sure if this would be difficult to breathe in, but if it were, they have several ways of providing assistance... - Chuck
  6. FmrWDWFX

    "Timeless Disney", a thing of the recent past?

    Walt said it would always be in a state of change and, though I miss all the great things that have been taken away, I have to think that for newer generations, things like all the incoming Marvel comics attractions may be the excitement they’ve been craving. Now the new generations can build...
  7. FmrWDWFX

    Greetings One & All!

    East coast here - former cast member and fan of WDW.
  8. FmrWDWFX

    Mist and fog effects

    Hello @Epcot_Imagineer, I worked on many projects and special events at WDW. At various phases, I worked in Entertainment Production Services, Entertainment Creative Services, and Projection Special Effects, and occasionally got to work for WED / Imagineering and as an outside contractor...
  9. FmrWDWFX

    Mist and fog effects

    As @Rob562 said, it depends on scenario, scale, and location. I wish to add to his list that compressed CO² has been used as well as a method of using a combination of clear or tinted transparent material with upward facing fans and proper lighting to accomplish these effects. There are...
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