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  1. PlutoInAtlanta

    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    Here now. It’s opened back up
  2. PlutoInAtlanta

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    There are no less than 11 cranes - all with someone welding today.
  3. PlutoInAtlanta

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge passholder preview notification thread

    No email - but was able to sign up with the link. Mon Aug 19!! 5-9P
  4. PlutoInAtlanta

    Restaurants in Atlanta.....

    Hey there! Sure - I can help you out. You should definitly look into Rathbun's and Rathbun's Steak. Both are EXCELLENT! Rathbun's Steak is more on the lines of Ruths Cris (everything is ala carte), and is just an excellent steak house! The setting is a bit darker, richer woods...
  5. PlutoInAtlanta

    The Hometown Rivalry. Even Meg Crofton was impressed by Potter.

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Not every "family" that visits WDW has children. Heck, 3 of my close friends, all over the age of 38, just went to Epcot for NYE. My partner and I go every now and then, and we have no kids (well, that can go to WDW!). There are plenty & plenty of...
  6. PlutoInAtlanta

    No 4:00 entry for MNSSHP?

    I do stand corrected. It is a 7PM entry this year... unless policy is changed between now and then, no entry before 7PM. (Double checked with the Disney Travel Agent site :brick: And two friends in the reservations dept.) :wave:
  7. PlutoInAtlanta

    No 4:00 entry for MNSSHP?

    ^^^ With a hard ticket event - you ARE able to get into the park at 4pm. The party doesn't officialy start till 7, but you are able to enter at 4. I've been there the past 5 years, attending one or the other. At 7PM they do a park wide announcement - welcoming you to the party, and that...
  8. PlutoInAtlanta

    MSEP will stay past Nightastic

    I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing the MSEP will be at the MK for at least a year, possibly two. Now that WOC (World of Color) has finally opened at DCA - the park can't handle a night time parade. WOC is proving to be very popular so far (the park is staying open later than...
  9. PlutoInAtlanta

    No 20K for AK?

    :lookaroun:lookarounMe think'ith you'ith know'ith something'ith!:lookaroun:lookaroun DANG IT! :brick::cry:
  10. PlutoInAtlanta

    Xmas Party

    I'll be there as well! :xmas: Though - bought my tickets like two months ago!!! haha:sohappy: 5-8 for me You are going to love MVMCP!:xmas: It's so much fun with the Castle lit up, hot chocolate, cookies, all the christmas decerations up...etc etc. Just an overall fun night!! And if...
  11. PlutoInAtlanta

    MK DEC hours and parade times changes

    Seeing that EPCOT will be open 30 minutes longer - till 9:30 in December (will be there Dec 5th)... When does IllumiNations usually start with the "Holiday" tag version? OH - and we will be at the MK and MVMCP on the 6th! woohoo We usually take a break from the park about 2:30 -...
  12. PlutoInAtlanta

    Inside WDW new space mountain 11/10/09

    Definitly lighting changes....:sohappy::p As well, you can see an "image/space ship" floating by in the 1st picture in one of the open area's of the ceiling.
  13. PlutoInAtlanta

    Inside WDW new space mountain 11/10/09

    If you look again - even closer, there is still blue painters tape on all the que poles/railings. I'd take that as, whenever this pic was taken, it's still not "show ready".
  14. PlutoInAtlanta

    Monorail Accident

    While I understand the thoughts here about "not letting guest's return to the front of the Monorail"... IMHO, I don't really see how that has any bearing on THIS crash as there were no guests up front with the driver, distracting him, or otherwise. With that said, "guest's" were not the cause...
  15. PlutoInAtlanta

    Monorail Accident

    My condolences going out to all involved... While this IS very tragic - this could have been soooooooo much worse if it had happened just an hour earlier. Think of the major crowds that were still leaving at 1AM - as opposed to 2AM.
  16. PlutoInAtlanta

    Golden Girls Question

    The houses were never used for filming. They were totally set up for the backlot tour. I had a friend that used to be a tram tour guide... He got all the scoop. Every now and then you might see a shot down the street from a "long shot" perspective with a 'rain storm' going on (and I have no...
  17. PlutoInAtlanta

    Characters in flight

    This is a GREAT one of them inflating the balloon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgZ3M_pgLr0 and a nice test flight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJg_MCB2f_s
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