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  1. PlutoInAtlanta

    Holidays on disneyworld.com

    Looks like they've done it up real real nice! http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/special/holiday08/index?id=Holiday08LandingPage Anyone else taken a gander at it? :shrug: Seeing this - makes me wish I hadn't gone for Mickey's Not So Scary this year as I've been to Mickey's X-mas...
  2. PlutoInAtlanta

    New Tot in Paris / Opening Footage

    I know this is in Disneyland Paris / Studios - but this footage is amazing! I couldn't believe this opening - definitly the biggest opening for any of the ToT's before! Think of the possibilities for night parties DHS could do with footage on the ToT as they did with this Grand Opening...
  3. PlutoInAtlanta

    Captian EO in Blake Lewis?

    American Idol runner up - Blake Lewis released his new CD and his picture on the cover - little co-winky-****? I dunno - 1st thing I thought of when I saw the CD cover was Captain EO. :hammer::ROFLOL::hammer::ROFLOL::shrug::hammer: Or Tron... hahaha - I know...crazy...
  4. PlutoInAtlanta

    Close Encounter with a Monorail in the Middle of Georgia!

    Ok - so here I am driving back into the city of Atlanta, GA, from being down in Peachtree City, GA, doing an internal audit for one of our locations for work one afternoon... When all the sudden I look to my right and low and behold - what do I find???? I can't believe my eyes...is it...
  5. PlutoInAtlanta

    Kiss Goodnight / Cinderella Castle light show

    Taken from this site: http://pages.prodigy.net/stevesoares/ Has anyone seen this yet? If so - how is it?:shrug: Kiss Goodnight Monday at 11:00pm Wednesday at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 & 10:00pm Saturday at 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 & 1:30am Cinderella Castle light show.
  6. PlutoInAtlanta

    Show times at AK

    I'm probably over looking this some where on the site... But does anyone have show times of The Festival of The Lion King at the AK? We are headed there on Monday - Dec 3rd... Thanks in advance!:wave: :xmas::xmas:Happy Holidays:xmas::xmas:
  7. PlutoInAtlanta

    Do you think...

    I could get anything for these pins on E-Bay or elsewhere? This is the pin they gave out for WDW's B-day on Oct 1, 1994: And this is what they gave out on Oct 1, 1995 for the 24th B-day: I have 7 of the Goofy pins - and 6 of the Donald pins... :veryconfuAny thoughts?:veryconfu
  8. PlutoInAtlanta

    Am I missing something...or?

    Where in the "world" can you find the hours for the Mini-Golf listed? I can't seem to find any reference to hours for either course - :xmas:Winter:xmas: or :goodnevilFantasia:goodnevil Help....:hammer: Thanks!:wave:
  9. PlutoInAtlanta

    Year of a Million Dreams NOT going into 2008

    Has this been confirmed or talked about elsewhere? I thought from everything I've read it was going full force into 2008. Apparently not. If you look at the Disneyworld.com site... Under "Packages and Offers".... Click on the: Lighter Crowds! - line then the season: Fall or...
  10. PlutoInAtlanta

    Comparison - Disney's Italy to Venice, Italy

    Having just returned from a vacation I still can't believe I went on. We ended our trip visiting the FABULOUS city of Venice, Italy. The whole time, all I could keep saying to my self is - wow, this is like something straight out of Epcot! This is a generic picture I found from Google...
  11. PlutoInAtlanta

    Horizons Question...

    A few of my friends and I were talking the other day (well, e-mailing) about how much they loved/miss Horizons. As one of them started talking about the ride vehicles, it was brought up that he/and then everyone/ couldn't get a good picture of how the track used to travel. As it was such a long...
  12. PlutoInAtlanta

    Spaceship Earth Change/Addition

    I would have thought someone found this and posted it already, but after almost an hour of searching and reading various SSE threads...I didn't see it - sooo, pardon me if it's a repeat. I found this bit of info off ThemeParkInsider.com front page... "Disney finally changing the story...
  13. PlutoInAtlanta

    MK Fireworks Location

    Again - Sorry if this has been posted before - but didn't see any threads about it... With the 4th of July just behind us... This is where they shoot a majority of the Fireworks off from just outside the MK Railroad. By looking here...
  14. PlutoInAtlanta

    11/13 Trip Report & MVMCP 1st night

    This is going to be a little long, so forgive me. We crammed a lot in, in only one day! My first time to stay in an All Star Resort (Movie - Herbie) was OK. Nothing fancy - but wasn't looking for that. A shower and bed was all we really wanted (that and the early morning entry to AK!) We...
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