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  1. loveglobe

    Biergarten beef dish name and recipe?

    Ate dinner last month at Biergarten and had a really delicious beef dish there (not the Rouladen or meatballs; it was kind of in the middle by the carving station next to the potato dumplings. Like a short rib or brisket braise in a dark salty sauce). When I went back for lunch later that week I...
  2. loveglobe

    How do you increase your Member rank/title?

    If there's a sticky post about this I can't find it, and I've done a search too. It's clear that your title (New Member, Well-Known Member etc.) is related to how many posts you've made (or is it likes?) but I can't figure out what the thresholds are for each category. Can anyone clarify this...
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