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  1. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Do we still have celebrations?

    We used to add information on celebrations to our reservations. Is that over? In MDE, I cannot find where to enter occasions to celebrate.
  2. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Early Admission to Parks?

    I cannot find something I read about WDW Hotel guests being admitted a half hour early to the parks. Is it policy, or speculation?
  3. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Saratoga Springs Bridge reconstruction

    Any word on when this reopens?
  4. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Hollywood Studios photos

    The Starting above Donald and going clockwise, I guess Sonya Henie, Kate Hepburn, Joe E. Brown, and Tallulah Bankhead.
  5. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    WDW Railroad Photos

    Why not? Flood away!
  6. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    News Tomorrowland love

    Sorry if this has been covered. Is the winged white structure on top of Stich an air conditione? Does it have a cover story?
  7. BuzzLIghtYear2010


    i am amazed at what some people can get out of a camera. Inspiring
  8. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Ride to Vero Beach

    Thank you for clearing that up. We are considering driving on our next trip to see other things in the South, and a friend recommended that resort.
  9. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Ride to Vero Beach

    Is there a transportation link to the Vero Beach Resort, or do we need to rent a car?
  10. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    My next trip is years away, so I am really grateful for such a good video. For me, the best part is the chatter from the toddler. Adorable.
  11. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    dedicated 2 bedroom or lock off?

    Another consideration involves the Dining Plan. If there are different families in each room, they are on one reservation,therefore there is one Dining Plan for both. Each member of both families will see the running totals for the remaining meals of both families, instead of seeing the...
  12. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    New gorilla born at Animal Kingdom

    😍😍 Love the pictures! We thank you
  13. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Soarin' Evacuation (7/16/19)

    Could the evacuated guests return directly to the FP entrance and try their MBs there? Might they work again? If not, a useful discussion with the CMs might follow. I agree that Guest Services is not an option where time is an issue. To activate our APs, we had to go there, so we tried the...
  14. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Phishing Ads?

    I just received 2 “prizes” for taking a “survey” and giving up gobs of information. Is it just me, or is WDWMAGIC under attack?
  15. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Fountains near Journey to Imagination

    Fascinating. Thanks to all who replied.
  16. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Fountains near Journey to Imagination

    They are liquid shaped like snakes that fly over your head. VERY cool. Is it water? What holds it together?
  17. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Tim Conway has passed away today. More than a Disney legend, a comedy legend.

    I first saw him in the 50’s on a show called McHale’s Navy. He played a junior officer in a PT boat squadron, and he had most of the good lines. Example: the squadron is trying to look heroic for a visiting dignitary, and discuss ways of engaging the enemy at low risk. They run out of...
  18. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Help! 1st large group trip

    Our party of ten (3 families, 4 children) stayed in one studio and one two-bedroom lockout at Saratoga Springs. Compare the cost to a 3 bedroom anywhere. Note that only one and two bedroom villas have a full kitchen, the studios have microwaves. If the kids like water slides, you might look...
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