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  1. loveglobe

    Name That Ride

    Rock n Roller Coaster! Can I do a DL one now? 1. Taxi 2. The Dip 3. Jessica
  2. loveglobe

    Name That Ride

    Ding ding ding!
  3. loveglobe

    Name That Ride

    OH! Frontierland Shooting Arcade!
  4. loveglobe

    What's the best WDW secret you know?

    Neat tip about the cards! I don't think the line one still applies though now that they have designated sides for FP versus stand by. My tip is drink related and two-fold for those non-caffeine drinkers out there: Pretty much any restaurant that has a bar can serve you ginger ale even if it's...
  5. loveglobe

    Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli attraction at the Japan pavilion?

    This is a terrific idea, but film distribution rights are not the same as intellectual property licensing rights which I believe they would need to put a physical attraction in the park. If they could agree on a deal, Tokyo Disneyland might also be a good place for a Miyazaki attraction. My vote...
  6. loveglobe

    Name That Ride

    Jumping in - It's Tough To Be A Bug! Can we do an attraction from DCA? If so here's my clue: 1. Lamp 2. Carpet 3. A thousand bad guys with swords
  7. loveglobe

    Biergarten beef dish name and recipe?

    Ate dinner last month at Biergarten and had a really delicious beef dish there (not the Rouladen or meatballs; it was kind of in the middle by the carving station next to the potato dumplings. Like a short rib or brisket braise in a dark salty sauce). When I went back for lunch later that week I...
  8. loveglobe

    How do you increase your Member rank/title?

    BREAKING NEWS: Upon posting that last message which I think was my 30th, I received 5 Trophy points for "Keeps Coming Back" and suddenly became a bonafide Member (no longer New). So here's my slightly revised list: New Member: 0-29 posts Member: 30-?? posts (still somewhat shrouded in mystery)...
  9. loveglobe

    Radiator Springs Racers

    Just an FYI sometimes they don't open the single rider line right away in the morning. The last time I tried to get on it, the CM said something about how they wait until the stand by line fills up to a certain point etc. It was already at 45 minutes so I'm not sure what that point is. When we...
  10. loveglobe

    John Wayne airport to Disneyland?

    If you really wanted to save money, nearby South Coast Plaza has a shuttle to Disneyland ($10 adults, kids free) and even if you factor in an Uber to the mall the total would still be less than a $40 cab ride. But that's a lot of effort just to save a few bucks.
  11. loveglobe

    Neil Patrick Harris to host World of Color

    Here's the strange thing though, BBT had an episode where Sheldon and Penny went to Disneyland and they both came back wearing Disney swag (ears, jacket), so even though CBS isn't owned by Disney they sure didn't mind doing the product placement. So maybe there's hope yet :D! Regarding NPH...
  12. loveglobe

    Tips for Grand Californian Hotel

    Free babysitting?? I say go for it! :)
  13. loveglobe

    How do you increase your Member rank/title?

    Okay so let's sum up what we've learned so far shall we? New Member: loser with 0-?? posts Member: shrouded in mystery (maybe 50+ posts?) Active Member: requires CIA clearance (maybe 150+ posts?) Well Known Member: 250+ likes (or is it posts??) Generalissimo: 100,000 posts plus working...
  14. loveglobe

    Tips for Grand Californian Hotel

    Napa Rose is one of the best restaurants in Orange County and worth every penny. Fantastic service and wine list, plus the executive chef is there pretty much every night. If you can reserve a seat at the chefs table which is actually more of a counter facing the open kitchen you'll have a...
  15. loveglobe

    Condor Flats becoming Grizzly Peak Airfield

    That's a good point. I see DCA as DHS 2.0, done much better and even moreso now with the addition of Carsland and the Hollywood area improvements (i.e. Red Trolleys). Having been to DHS just last month and seeing how much of a wasteland it is now especially with the American Idol attraction...
  16. loveglobe

    Things are start to move at Shanghai Disney Resort

    Hang on, what? Surely this is a typo. I can see train passengers entering the official resort grounds that way, but the park itself? How would that work - do you exit outside at the bottom of Main Street or somewhere else...? o_O
  17. loveglobe

    New DVC AP Pricing as of Feb 22

    They also raised the DL ticket prices too while the DVC discount on APs remains a measly $20. I don't know about WDW but I believe the reason they did this at DL is because there were SO many APs visiting each day the parks were overcrowded. So this hike in prices at DL is an effort to control...
  18. loveglobe

    Condor Flats becoming Grizzly Peak Airfield

    Ouch, that's cold. :cold::cry: :) I fully admitted I was veering off course a bit, but I brought it up in the context of the overall need for this refurb versus other park areas which is a topic that is already being discussed here. If you take the DHS part out of it, I'm still wondering if...
  19. loveglobe

    How do you increase your Member rank/title?

    Yes I saw that but where in that link does it list the thresholds for Member titles? Something like 100 posts and you become an Active member, 1000 and you become Well-Known etc....
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