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  1. kal1484

    Best Christmas Resort

    I think that Wilderness Lodge gives you the best "Christmas spirit" I was raised up north though, so that may be why I like more of the lodge feel. Yacht and Beach would be my runner up.
  2. kal1484

    Cost to Cruise?

    If they want to do snorkeling at Castaway, I highly suggest buying the snorkel and fins and bringing them on. The ones that they have at Castaway don't have the valve at the top to prevent water going into the top of the snorkel. There is nothing worse than swallowing salt water! I like...
  3. kal1484

    Wizarding World: A BIG Letdown!

    I must be in the minority that felt barely any movement on the ride. I thought it was really really tame. I rode once with my eyes open, then closed the second as I'm not a fan of the in your face stuff. However neither time did I feel dizzy or even feel like I was moving THAT much. I have more...
  4. kal1484

    Where to enter HPW from IOA

    I would go through Jurassic Park, it's a longer walk, but you end up closer to Forbidden Journey. The crowds are nuts, and trying to walk anywhere is close to ridiculous.
  5. kal1484

    Info on Breakfast On a Disney Cruise??

    Haven't done dinner yet. I'm not a "fancy" eater so a lot of the menu isn't to my tastes. I also didn't want to miss any of the rotation dining. We've only been on three cruises, and between one and two they changed the menus. I didn't want to miss out on the new menus.
  6. kal1484

    Info on Breakfast On a Disney Cruise??

    How did it compare to WDW? Not exactly as great, but still pretty good Is it like WDW breakfasts (mickey waffles etc.) or more continental? Mickey waffles were hit or miss. Sometimes they had them, sometimes not. They also were a bit stale a few times I've had them. They do have...
  7. kal1484

    First impressions of the Dream

    On all the ships I think the coolest bathrooms are always in the Adult spaces. I love the ones on the Magic and the Dream's look just as neat! I saw that you had ice cream cones in the one picture, do you know if they now have them on the Dream? It was the one thing missing on the other ships.
  8. kal1484

    Uh Oh Houston. Mars Needs Moms Flames Out

    We saw it, and I actually liked it. Thought it was cute, and liked the storyline.
  9. kal1484

    WDW Parks & Cruise in one trip

    I agree with DisneyFalcon. Go on the cruise 2nd. For one, if you go on the cruise first, you are going to be used to eating whenever whatever. Second, I find that the service is second-to-none on the cruise. Going from cruise to parks may be disappointing in the service you get. You will have a...
  10. kal1484


    They are registered in the Bahamas because it allows Disney to go by Bahamian rules and taxes rather than the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_convenience
  11. kal1484

    Cruise question

    Just make sure you put it in something that is waterproof if you don't carry it on with you. It's like the airport and the bag may get tossed around. You don't have to start your cruise, or anyone's luggage near yours, with wet clothes.
  12. kal1484

    The Wonder or the Magic...which is better???

    Both the Magic and Wonder are basically the same. The buffet has a difference name, some of the kids programs are a bit different, and the theme of the adult areas are different. It really depends on what itinerary you are looking for. This September the Disney Magic will still be in Europe...
  13. kal1484

    Disney Sees More Profit in Cruise Ships than Theme Parks

    If you own DVC then maybe the cruise isn't as cheap since you pay the maintence costs, but then again I can't afford the DVC. To each their own.
  14. kal1484

    Disney Sees More Profit in Cruise Ships than Theme Parks

  15. kal1484

    Disney Sees More Profit in Cruise Ships than Theme Parks

    For two adults for a 7 night cruise in an inside stateroom is 1500 (1900 for an ocean-view) That includes your room, food, and activities. A seven day park hopper for two is approx. $600. Say you get a room for $100 a night. That would be $1300. The difference is $200. If you can go to...
  16. kal1484

    ATMS/Snack Carts?

    Almost all of the snack carts can take cards. Unless it is someone just walking around you should be able to use your card. Cards are taken at all restaurants.
  17. kal1484

    Menu For Animator’s Palate

    It seems they change about once every year, it might not be a huge overhaul but they add or remove things from the menu.
  18. kal1484

    Summer Nightastic TV ad - why oh why

    I was laughing when I saw that commercial, but I guess most people wouldn't notice things like that.
  19. kal1484

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

  20. kal1484

    Those carts that sell ice cream in the parks

    As of about four years ago, a few wagons had sugar-free Strawberry, just ask at the wagon and they will know where the closest it. However I would not suggest going to the wagons for these. They are not a very popular, so they may have been in the freezer for a while.
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