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  1. powlessfamily4

    Do WDW Parks Need to Change Based on Competition?

    I feel Disney does a good job playing to all demographics and offering new attractions. I am a thrill junkie and so is my son. However my daughter and husband are not. Also, we are not Potter fans. We have been to Uni mutiple times but in the last 5 years we have stopped going. Our kids are...
  2. powlessfamily4

    How many days for you - part 8

  3. powlessfamily4

    Leaving today!!

    Leaving today!!
  4. powlessfamily4

    What if you don't get your MB until you arrive?

    There is an 800 number you can call for assistance with the bands. I am sorry I don't have the number on me.. it is on my desk at work and I am leaving for Disney TODAY!!! I phoned Disney because two of our magic bands were not linking to our reservation. The CM I spoke with gave me the...
  5. powlessfamily4

    Pick the best day for MNSSHP

    I'm going Sunday 9/29! So excited!!
  6. powlessfamily4

    Splash Mountain drop question

    I think Splash looks alot more intimidating then it really is. The drop is practically over before you begin.
  7. powlessfamily4

    Almost time again!!

    Almost time again!!
  8. powlessfamily4

    How many days for you - part 8

    34!!! I have reached the Giddy stage!!!!
  9. powlessfamily4

    The coolest dude on earth just got mail

    Mine should be here any day!! I have envelope envy! :greedy:
  10. powlessfamily4

    One Man's Dream Scavenger Hunt

    I would be game for something like this. Very cool!
  11. powlessfamily4

    Mickeys not so scary Halloween Party

    Nothing at Disney is just for kids. Here is my theory as to why..... kids need parents to pay for the Disney trip. Also, it would be illegal to allow minors to vacation alone. This is my insightful reasoning as to why nothing at Disney is just for kids. Apparently adults are needed. ;) Whay...
  12. powlessfamily4

    Soarin BETA Edition **Spoiler**

    Bahahahahahahaha Atlanta was on target!! It happens everyday! SOOOOO hilarious!!!!
  13. powlessfamily4

    Favorite Disney Villain?

    It is wrong I just loved Maleficent as a child???
  14. powlessfamily4

    Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach??

    I prefer Typhoon Lagoon but you can't lose at either water park.
  15. powlessfamily4

    Single Guy @ WDW/ Solo Trip?

    I am just dying for a Solo trip.. Everytime I whisper the word Disney the ENTIRE family piles on for a vacation. One these days I will sneak off and do it... but not in the near future. Right now I am having wayyyyy to much fun with my Granddaughter. I say go for it. If you don't like it...
  16. powlessfamily4

    Is there any hope of getting Be Our Guest?.....

    Yes ... Because I just cancelled one! :( We have had to move the dates of our trip forward a week and now I am back fighting for a reservation UGGHHH!
  17. powlessfamily4

    Harbour House or Diamond Horseshoe

    Harbor House ..... Great atmosphere and seating upstairs. Grab a couple of lobster rolls and head for a window seat.
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